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Easter Would You Rather Questions

Easter This or That Quiz Printable

Spring is springing, and with it comes the sugar rush (and maybe some meltdowns?) of everyone’s favorite bunny-filled holiday.

That’s right, Easter’s just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re looking for some fun and free activities to keep the kiddos busy.

Well, you’ve stumbled into the right place!

This year, ditch the screen time and get ready for some side-splitting giggles with the “Easter Would You Rather” printable game.

Think of it as a playful twist on the classic “this or that” game but with a springtime spin!

It’s the perfect way to keep little bunnies (and maybe even some grown-up ones!) entertained while sparking critical thinking, creativity, and a whole lot of laughter.

Fun Easter themed Would You Rather Game on purple background

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Why You’ll Love This Easter This or That Game

If you’ve never played, it’s basically a game where kids are presented with two egg-cellent options and have to choose which they’d prefer.

It’s like picking between jelly beans and chocolate bunnies—tough choices, I know!

You might be wondering why I love them so much and use them in my classroom all the time:

  • Brain Boost: Questions like “Would you rather find a giant chocolate bunny or a basket overflowing with jellybeans?” encourage kids to weigh options and make decisions, subtly flexing those critical thinking muscles
  • Creativity Corner: “Would you rather have fluffy bunny ears or a fuzzy chick hat?” ignites imaginations as children envision themselves hopping around in adorable Easter attire
  • Laughter is the Best Medicine: Get ready for some serious giggles as kids (and adults!) debate the merits of chocolate versus carrots, dyeing eggs with onion skins versus bright tablets, and more!
  • Learning Made Fun: Sneak in some Easter trivia with questions like “Would you rather tell a silly Easter joke or sing a traditional Easter hymn? Kids will learn about the holiday in a lighthearted way
little boy at the table playing Easter Would You Rather printable Game

Easter Would You Rather Questions

Feel free to get creative and put your own egg-citing questions together.

Obviously, you know your audience best, whether that’s preschoolers, tweens or even adults.

So feel free to take some of these examples and make them your own. Better yet, you can even invite your players to submit silly questions for everyone to discuss.

Let’s take a peek at some fun questions you can use:

  • Would you rather have a pet chick or a pet bunny?
  • Would you rather have an Easter basket filled with jelly beans or marshmallow chicks?
  • Would you rather receive a giant chocolate bunny or a basket full of assorted candies for Easter?
  • Would you rather have an Easter egg hunt in a park or at the beach?
  • Would you rather dye Easter eggs with traditional colors or vibrant neon colors?
  • Would you rather receive a basket filled with toys or one filled with chocolate for Easter?
  • Would you rather have an Easter egg roll or participate in an egg toss?
  • Would you rather have an Easter-themed scavenger hunt or play Easter trivia games?
  • Would you rather have bunny ears that never come off or a tail that wiggles and wags all the time?
  • Would you rather have eggs for feet or carrots for fingers?
  • Would you rather have to eat carrots for every meal or only be able to drink carrot juice for a whole day?
  • Would you rather have to celebrate Easter in a house made of chocolate or in a castle made of marshmallows?
  • Would you rather have to wear a bunny costume every day for a week or only be able to eat carrots for a week?
  • Would you rather attend an Easter sunrise service or an Easter afternoon service?
  • Would you rather go on a spring flower hunt or an Easter egg hunt with hidden candy?
  • Would you rather have fluffy bunny ears or a fuzzy chick hat for your Easter outfit?
  • Would you rather play a game of pin the tail on the bunny or a game of Easter egg roll?
  • Would you rather make a craft Easter basket or receive a pre-made Easter basket filled with treats?
  • Would you rather read a story about the Easter Bunny or learn about the history of Easter traditions?
  • Would you rather have a pet bunny that lays jellybeans or a chick that paints perfect Easter eggs?
  • Would you rather find a giant carrot in your garden or a chocolate nest overflowing with peeps?
  • Would you rather have a chocolate bunny for a best friend or a fluffy chick that follows you everywhere?
  • Would you rather have a magic paintbrush that paints beautiful Easter egg designs or a basket that refills itself with candy every day?
  • Would you rather have the Easter Bunny hide your Easter basket in the most surprising place ever or get to choose your favorite Easter treats?
  • Would you rather tell a joke so funny it makes the Easter Bunny laugh or sing a song so sweet it makes the chicks chirp?
  • Would you rather have an Easter egg that hatches into a baby dragon or a talking bunny?

Easter Would You Rather Game FREE Printable

You can make your own game or grab my FREE printable Easter would you rather game by clicking the download button below the image.

Whether you need something fun for a classroom party or at home, this printable is the perfect way to break the ice and get the chatter started.

It’s the perfect Easter Would You Rather Brain Break.

Easter Would You Rather Game printable worksheet with questions

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Wrapping Up Easter This or That Questions

This Easter, ditch the screen time and embrace the joy of interactive play with the Easter Would You Rather game. It’s an affordable, educational, and downright fun activity that will leave everyone with happy memories.

So hop to it and create a memorable Easter celebration filled with laughter and connection!

The Easter Would You Rather game’s beauty lies in its versatility.

Play it during Easter dinner, create a classroom activity, or incorporate it into your annual egg hunt.

The possibilities are endless!

You can extend the activity like I do in class and turn it into a DIY project!

Have children decorate blank cards with Easter illustrations to write their own “Would You Rather” questions.

You can even hide the questions in plastic Easter eggs for a fun Easter egg hunt before the discussion.