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Strong Hawaiian Baby Boy Names and Meanings


Looking for a strong Hawaiian boy names? I’ve rounded up some beautiful Hawaiian baby names for boys (and their meanings)- So, whether your looking for a middle name or first name inspiration, I bet you’ll find something you’ll LOVE!

What’s in a name, you ask?


The name you choose for your little one most certainly has an impact and it’s definitely one of the toughest initial decisions you’ll make for your little one.

I remember how difficult this task was.

We only thought of one baby name and hoped we would think of more during my pregnancy. Nope. Nothing. Not even one more.

When my little guy was born, the one name we had just stuck and it seemed perfectly suited for him. My Navaren. My Nav.

If you’re wondering, what are good Hawaiian boy names?

You’re in the right place.

While we were searching for baby names, we came across several Hawaiian male names that were so strong, beautiful, and unique.

I loved the baby naming tradition in Hawaii and so I was drawn to it and wanted to learn more.

These tropical boy names are as beautiful and exotic as the island from which they come.

Many of the popular Hawaiian names for boys names are tied to the Earth’s elements and nature, which I love!

You’ll notice that there aren’t name suggestions for every letter.

This is because the Hawaiian language has a limited number of letters, much less than we’re used to.

Now, let’s hop in and look at some strong Hawaiian male names and meanings for your baby boy.

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little Hawaiian boy smiling and title unique Hawaiian baby boy names and meanings

How are Children named in Hawaii?

Typically, the names for a new baby were chosen by elders and a lot of thought was given to the meaning of the names. Often, it’s said that the names would come to them in dreams or visions.

How beautiful!

In my culture as well, names are something powerful and a lot goes into choosing them, like the date and time and star alignment at birth.

There’s a lot to do with numbers and numerology.

What’s interesting about Hawaiian boy names is that they aren’t actually typical for boys or girls.

Normally, Hawaiian names are meant to be unisex.

So these names can be used interchangeably if you’re choosing a girl name as well.

Many of these Hawaiian boy names would also make a perfect middle name.

Many of these names are inspired by nature and the elements as the Hawaiian people are also very connected to their land.

That reminds me so much of bohemian, hippie baby names which also have a similar vibe.

Popular Hawaiian Boy Names

Here are some beautiful, unique and strong baby boy names that are quite popular in Hawaii and some that have also become well known in United States in general.

Many of these are real Hawaiian boy names (authentic) and some have evolved over time and become more modern renditions as many traditional Hawaiian names are long and people often want Hawaiian names that are easy to pronounce.


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Hawaiian Boy Names That Start with A

 Aikeni – is the Hawaiian (phonetic) version of Aiden -name meaning little fire

Akamai- meaning clever or intelligent

Akamu– meaning made by god or the Earth

Akoni– which means deserving of praise and admiration and comes from Latin origins of the name Anthony

Alani- meaning chief

Alika– meaning guardian

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Beautiful Hawaiian Boy Names that Start with B

Bane- although not a traditional Hawaiian name for boys as they don’t use b’s- it has become popular in the region-and it means long awaited child. I absolutely love that!

Hawaiian Male Names Beginning with E

Ekewaka– meaning protector of riches and wealth is the Hawaiian version Eddy or Edward

Eleu- meaning alert or alive

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Hawaiian Baby Boy Names that Start with H

Hanale– means one who is lord of the manor

Hani– which means happy one

Hoku- meaning star

Holokai– meaning a seafaring person



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Hawaiian Names For Boys Which Start with I

Ikaia– meaning god delivers is the Hawaiian version of Isaiah

Ikaika– meaning man of strength

Ioane– meaning the one who is favored by god and is the Hawiaan version of John


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Popular Hawaiian Boy Names that Start with K

Kai- probably the most popular and common Hawaiian boy name you will hear. The name Kai means from the sea or ocean.

Kahale- meaning a house

Kahuna– meaning a respected person (like the saying the big Kahuna)

Kale– meaning strong or manly

Kaleo– meaning voice or sound or one who shouts

Kalino– meaning brilliant one

Kamalei- meaning adored child

Kawai– meaning coming from water

Keanu– another widely popular Hawiian name. Keanu means the breeze

Kelani– meaning heaven

Keone– meaning the sand

Koa– meaning fighter

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Unique Hawaiian Boy Names Starting with L

Label– meaning lion which is the Hawaiian version of Leo

Lani- meaning heaven or sky

Lewai– Hawiian version of Levi

Lilo– meaning generous one

Lui- meaning famous warrior


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Hawaiian Names For Boys That Start With M

Makani– meaning the wind

Makoa- meaning a bold man

Maleko– meaning manly or warrior

Mana– meaning supernatural or spiritual energy

Manu– meaning bird

Maui- an island in Hawaii and also who’s meaning is not fully known but comes from the demi-god with the same name

Mauna– meaning mountian

Mililani – meaning a heavenly caress

Moana– meaning coming from the ocean is a popular unisex name


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Male Hawaiian Names That Begin With N

Nahele– meaning forest

Nākoa- meaning warriors or fighters

Nalu- meaning wave or surf

Nawai- meaning “the waters”

Hawaiian Boy Names That Begin With O

Ohana- meaning family (I just had to put this one in here because I absolutely LOVE Lilo & Stitch so Ohana has become a favorite word)

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Authentic Hawaiian Boy Names That Begin With P

Pakelika – meaning one who is noble

Palani- meaning free man is the Hawaiian version of Frank

Pika– meaning rock

Paulo – meaning little

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Traditional Hawaiian Boy Names That Begin With U

Uli– means blue or dark color

Ululani– meaning heavenly inspiration

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An alphabetical list of Hawaiian boy middle names and meanings

Tips For Choosing A Hawaiian Boy Name

While these Hawaiian baby names are oh so beautiful, you should take some things into consideration when choosing a name from another culture.

Learn about the culture– I think it’s important to consider their customs and traditions and learn a bit about their beliefs if you don’t want to accidentally do something offensive.

For instance- it would be frowned upon to choose names that mean king or queen.

Hawaiian-English Names– You can also consider opting for Hawaiian versions of traditional English names like Kimo which means James.

Think about the meaning- sometimes you just fall in love with what a name means and then it just fits.  Keep in mind there are often multiple meanings depending on origin so if you don’t like one- there’s probably another.

You can use the Na Puke Wehwehe online dictionary to check Hawaiian words and their meaning to help make this a little easier.

Think about nicknames – more often than not, we end up being called by a shorter nickname rather than our given name, so consider all possible nicknames associated with the name you choose. You should try to find a name where you love the nickname just as much as the given name.

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Beautiful Hawaiian Boy Names You Have to Consider

I hope you enjoyed these strong, unique and beautiful Hawaiian boy names. These would make perfect Hawaiian baby boy middle names or first names and have wonderful meanings attached to them.

I hope you found something that inspired you.

These beautifully tropical boy names have me thinking of nature and the four elements: Earth, wind, water, and fire which I find so beautiful.

Do you have a name in mind that I missed? Leave me a comment, I’m always updating these lists 🙂

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Wednesday 29th of April 2020

Hi! I'm looking for a middle name for my baby boy and i can't seem to come up with one good one that has a good meaning. Coule u please help me put a name together that has a really good meaning???

Cendu Param

Thursday 30th of April 2020

I actually have a post with first and middle name inspo for baby boys as well as a boy name with cute nicknames post. They all include the name meanings as well. Have a look and see :)

Lindsey | GreenMamaLife

Thursday 2nd of January 2020

I love Hawaiian baby names! They're so beautiful! I'd probably use koa or Kai if my friend didn't use them for her sons!

Tracy Blanton

Thursday 2nd of January 2020

These names are seriously so cool! This may be the new trend in baby names!


Wednesday 1st of January 2020

I have never even been to Hawaii but these names are just lovely! Thanks for sharing!


Wednesday 1st of January 2020

My kids all have Hawaiian Middle Names, my sons name Kainoa it is like "junior" but poetically means strength of the sea and father's namesake. My husband and kids are all born on the islands.