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+115 Names Meaning Last for Your Last Born

Perfect Names For a Last Child 

Are you pregnant with your last child and trying to think of a name that would be fitting for a final child? 

I’m currently pregnant with what could be our last so I was looking into this too and fell down a rabbit hole, so I thought I would share what I’ve found in case you’re in the same boat. 

A final child brings a sense of peace and closure, your family is complete. It’s a beautiful new chapter in your life. It’s a time of endings but also new beginnings and I was looking for names that reflect all these different types of feelings. 

I found a handful of names that mean end, last or final but many of those are quite unique and uncommon and from various cultures and origins (which aren’t popular in the United States according to the Social Security Administration list of top baby names).

So they might not be popular choices which is why I kept searching in order to round out the list a bit further. 

To create a more comprehensive and usable list of baby names, I also focused on baby names that mean complete or full, and focus on joy and peace because those are feelings we associate with being complete or finished. 

I’ve focused on many kinds of baby names that would be fitting for a last child and not just names that mean last, final, or end since that was a pretty limited selection.

I’ve created an extensive list of baby names fitting for a last child and organized them from A to Z with meanings and origins to help you find just the right one. 

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Perfect Baby Girl Names For your Last Born Child (Meaning Last, Final, End, and Complete) 

Let’s start out with some cute baby girl names for your last born. There’s a mix of unique girl names and some more classic choices. Some of these girl names mean last or final while others mean complete, or full. 

I’ve also included one’s that mean peace, happiness, and joy because these are all feelings we experience with our last born and it’s a reflection of the kind of energy a last born brings to the home. 


Aaryanna -this beautiful girl name is Indian with Hindu roots and means ‘powerful & complete who renowned by Lord’. It can also be a Greek name meaning ‘very holy’


Abigail – is a beautiful and classic Hebrew baby name that means ‘my father’s joy’ or ‘cause of joy’ which is exactly what she will be as the last born of the family


Adara – is a unique girl name of Hebrew origin meaning “last fire” which could be thought of as a fitting name for the last child


Aila – is a pretty girl name of Finnish origin meaning “final, ultimate’ and makes a perfect choice for a final child’s name


Ailynn – is a beautiful English girl name that means ‘Powerful and complete’ which is perfect for your feisty last born


Akhirah – is a pretty girl name of  Arabic origin  meaning “last, final”


Alana – this gorgeous girl name is of Hawaiian origin and means ‘‘beautiful offering’ ‘precious’, and ‘harmony. What a perfect sentiment for the last girl in the family. You certainly hope they will be bringing peace and harmony to your home


Alanis – this pretty girl name is of Hawaiian origin and means ‘precious’, ‘cheerful’, and ‘happiness’. Every child brings joy and happiness to the family but the last child has an extra special role. It’s a little bittersweet because this is your last baby but they’re the missing piece so it’s a sense of joy and happiness too. 


Amaia – is a beautiful Basque name meaning ‘high place’ or ‘end’, ‘resolution’ that you can add to your list of girl names meaning last, final, or end


Amaya – has Spanish, Japanese, and Arabic origins and  means ‘night rain’, ‘the end’, or ‘mother city’ 


Amani – this sweet girl name is of Arabic and Swahili origin, it can mean ‘peace’ or ‘wishes’  which is perfect for a last child


Amari – is a lovely Sanskrit name meaning ‘eternal’ or ‘immortal’ and also has Hebrew roots. Meanings of eternal or forever seem very fitting for a last child because they are that missing piece and once in place it just feels complete or eternal


Amaris – this sweet soft girl name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘given by God’ or ‘promised by God’ which sounds like she was picked especially to complete your family


Amity – is a girl’s name of Latin origin that means ‘harmony’ and ‘friendship’  which is perfect for your youngest new best friend in the family 


Aria –  means “air” in Italian and is often associated with the end of a musical piece so I’ve included this name because she is the one that completes your own special song 


Aurora – this beautiful girl name has Latin roots that mean ‘dawn’ and it its the name of the Roman Goddess of dawn. Dawn is often associated with new beginnings and new starts which is suitable for a lastborn because it’s not only an end but also a new chapter of life


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Beatrice –  is a classic girl name of Latin origin meaning ‘one who brings joy’ or ‘ blessed one’ which is just what the youngest child adds to the family


Bliss –  describes a feeling of ‘utter joy, contentment and peace’, it’s mostly used as a middle name but could also be a beautiful first name for a last born girl who brings such intense happiness and joy to the family


Concordia – is a girl name of Latin origin meaning ‘peace, harmony’ or ‘well-being through harmony’


Dove – this cute nature baby name can be used for boy’s or girl’s but is more often used for girls. The dove is a symbol of ‘peace


Ekta – is an Indian girl name with Hindu roots and means ‘unity’ which is perfect for the one who brings everyone together


Ella – is a short and cute English and German girl name meaning ‘all, complete’  


Emma – this classic girl name is of German origin and means ‘entire’ or ‘all, complete’ ‘whole’ or ‘universal’. I love this short and cute name for the last baby girl of the family. She truly completes the family. I think this name works beautifully, even if you’re one and done because she’s the only one you need. She makes the family whole and complete.


Emmaline – is another beautiful German girl  name, this one means  ‘peaceful home’, ‘entire’, ‘universal’, and ‘complete’ which makes it another perfect match


Erica – is a pretty girl name derived from Old Norse which means ‘eternal ruler’, ‘ruler of all’ which can be interpreted as one who unites all


Erma – for the girl that makes you feel complete and whole, this German baby name means just that, ‘universal’, ‘whole’, or ‘complete’


Evangeline – this elegant girl name is of Greek origin and means ‘bringer of good news’, how cute and perfectly fitting!


Felicity – is a cute girl name of Latin origin meaning ‘good fortune’, or  ‘intense happiness’ which is just what this last born will be bringing with them

Freda or Frida

Freda/Frida – is a pretty girl name of German origin meaning ‘peaceful’


Genevieve – is a classic and elegant girl name of Old French origin that can mean ‘white wave’, or  ‘woman of the people’ which can also be interpreted as ‘bringing people together’


Gwyneth – is a traditional Welsh name which means  “blessed, happiness” 


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Harmony – comes from Greek mythology, the child of Ares and Aphrodite was named Harmonia and was given the power to bring people together. She was the goddess of happy marriages, brotherhood, sisterhood and harmony. So this name means ‘unity’ and ‘concord’ which make it a perfect name for a last child.


Haven – this a pretty Old English name and means ‘safe harbor’ or ‘sanctuary’, ‘a safe place’


Hestia – is also rooted in Greek mythology, she is the Greek goddess of home and hearth which gives this name a sense of warmth and comfort. Perfect for the last child who makes a house feel like a home.


Hope – this popular English girl name is a classic virtue name which means ‘one who is full of hope and belief’ 


Irene – this cute and classic girl name is of Greek origin and means ‘peace’ 


Irma – is a feminine name of German origin meaning ‘universal’, ‘complete’ or ‘entire’ 


Johanna – is a beautiful girl name of German and Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is gracious’ or ‘God’s gracious gift’. What a beautiful sentiment for your lastborn.


Karinya – this unique girl name is of  Aboriginal Australian origin and means ‘peaceful home’ 


Khalida – is an  Arabic girl name meaning ‘eternal life’ or ‘everlasting’ which signifies being complete and fulfilled


Lana – this short, sweet feminine name is of Hawaiian and Slavic origin, it means  ‘blessed’, ‘shining light, and ‘precious child’


Lina – this pretty name has Sanskrit origins and means ‘united’ or ‘absorbed’ which is perfect for the waited child that brings unity to a family


Mia – ‘is a short and sweet classic girl name of Danish and Italian origin. It means ‘mine’, ‘beloved’, ‘wished for child’ which is very apt for your sweet last born who will be doted on by all


Mira – has various meanings and origins including Latin, Spanish, Sanskrit, and Arabic. It can mean   ‘admirable’, ‘peace’, ‘ocean’, or  ‘female ruler’ 


Nalani – this unique beautiful girl name is of Hawaiian origin, it means ‘serenity of the skies’ or ‘heavens’.  This last child brings peace and tranquility, a balance to the family. 


Olivia – is a classic baby girl name of Latin origin meaning ‘olive’ or ‘olive tree’. An olive tree or olive branch is symbolic of peace and friendship which makes it a suitable choice for a lastborn


Ownah – is a unique female name of Irish origin meaning ‘unity’


Paloma –  is a pretty Spanish name meaning ‘beautiful dove’. This sweet name is included because doves are often a symbol of peace and love which is the perfect symbol for the last born child


Prantika – is a girl name of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘end’ 


Rebecca – is a beautiful Biblical Hebrew name meaning ‘to bind’ or ‘to tie’. Your last daughter could be thought of as one to tie you all together and complete you


Serena – this beautiful girl’s name is of Latin origin with the meaning ‘peaceful, quiet, serene’ which is appropriate for the bearer of peace and calm that is going to join you soon


Serenity – is a French name with Latin roots, it means ‘peaceful, calm’ 


Shiloh – is a Hebrew baby name meaning ‘tranquil’, ‘abundance’, or ‘His gift’ which are all meanings that are beautiful and fitting for the last child in the family


Solana – is such a pretty baby girl name that you don’t hear often, it is of Spanish origin and means ‘sunshine’ which is exactly what a last born will bring: warmth, love, and become the family’s own personal ray of sunshine


Trinity – this Latin name means ‘triad’ and relates to the Holy trinity which has associations with the unity of one God in three entities. If this is your third and final child it could be a beautiful name signifying the last piece of the unity of 3 


Ultima – is a girl name of Italian and  Latin origin meaning ‘end’ ‘last’ or ‘farthest point’ making it a fitting choice for a final baby


Winifred –  is a traditional old English baby name that means ‘blessed reconciliation’, ‘joy’, ‘peace holy’, and ‘blessed peacemaking’ which almost suggests this little spirit has been just been waiting to reconnect with their family 


Zara –  which means “princess” in Arabic and is often used to symbolize the end of a long and difficult journey so it’s a lovely choice for a final child


Zendaya – this unique baby girl name has Zimbabwean and Zambian roots, it means ‘to give thanks to God’ and is a lovely choice to show thanks for all your blessings like your last bundle of joy


Zola – is a beautiful girl name of African origin meaning ‘peaceful, calm’. It can also be of Latin origin and mean ‘earth’

list of baby names for a last born

Fitting Baby Boy Names For Your Last Child Meaning Last, Final, and Complete

Having your last child can be so bittersweet but think of this as a new beginning instead of the end. Celebrate your last born with a name that honors their place in the family. 

These boy names for the last son are perfect choices! There are some boy names that mean final, end, or last but since they were so far and few between I’ve also included boy names that mean complete and full as well as peace, joy, love, and happiness as lastborn should be celebrated for bringing all these things as well. 


Abel – this handsome biblical boy’s name means ‘breath’ which could signify a breath of fresh air or new beginnings and new chapters


Ace – comes from a Latin word meaning ‘one’ ‘unity’ or ‘leader’ and that’s exactly what you want for the youngest child, the one who unites the family. 


Akhil – is a male name of Indian origin meaning ‘complete’, ‘whole, perfect’. Perfect if you love a unique boy name with a special meaning.


Alden – is a super cute English boy’s name that means ‘old friend’ or ‘brings people together’ which is perfect for a lastborn child


Amaris – is a cute Hebrew baby name that works for boys or girls, it means ‘the promised one’, or ‘given by god’. A beautiful choice if you love a Biblical name with a special meaning for your last born


Armin – is an Old German name and means ‘whole’ or ‘universal’ for the one that makes the family feel complete and whole


Arvin – is a cute boy name of German origin meaning ‘friend of people’, ‘friend to all’ which I thought was another sweet choice for the last son of the family


Atem – is a cool and unique name of Egyptian origin and means ‘complete, finished’ or ‘bringer of light’ 


Avinash – is a male name of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘eternal’ or ‘indestructible’ 


Axel –  is a Scandinavian name meaning ‘my father is peace’ or ‘father of peace’ and comes from the Biblical boy name Absalom


Benjamin -is a classic Hebrew boy name that means ‘son of the right hand’ or ‘son of the south’ which can be interpreted as the last child. For instance, the phrase the “Benjamin of the family” refers to the youngest son since Benjamin was the youngest of Jacob’s 12 sons in the Bible 


Bennet – is a cute boy name of French and Latin origin meaning ‘blessed’ or ‘little blessed one’ which reflects on what a sweet little blessing a last child is


Booker – is an English boy name meaning ‘binder’, ‘scribe’ or ‘maker of books’ which you could interpret as one that binds the family together or the one who writes your story as this last child will, of course, change everyone’s lives.


Caleb – is a cute classic Hebrew boy name that means ‘ wholehearted’, ‘ faithful’, and ‘loyal’ which all seem like beautiful meanings to bestow on your last child


Callum – is a cute Gaelic name with Latin roots that means ‘dove’. I’ve included this one because doves are often a symbol of peace, hope, renewal, and love which are all beautiful things a last child brings to a family


Colm – is a unique boy name of Irish origin meaning ‘dove’ so it’s another option if you want a boy name that symbolizes peace, love, hope, and purity


Colver – is an uncommon boy name of Old English origin meaning ‘dove’ which can be interpreted as peace, love, and unity


Crevan – This Irish name means “fox” and is often associated with the youngest son


Dayo – is a unisex name of Nigerian origin meaning ‘joy arrives’ or ‘happiness has come’. What a beautiful meaning that celebrates your last born in such a sweet way


Denton – is an Old English boy name meaning ‘valley town’ which can be interpreted as ‘happy home’ which is just  what we hope our last born adds to the family


Ekiya – is a unique boy name of Indian origin and means ‘unity, joined, combined’. A lovely choice for parents who want a boy name that focuses on being united, oneness, and togetherness.


Emmett – is a strong boy name of German origin (and the male version of Emma) which means ‘universal’, ‘entire’, ‘whole’, or ‘complete’

Frederick (Freddy) 

Frederick – is a boy name of German origin meaning ‘peaceful ruler’. It’s a lovely choice for a last child who often gets his way but will also bring a sense of peace and balance to your family.


Geoffrey – is a cue boy name of German origin meaning ‘divine peace’ or ‘pledge of peace’ 


Gomer – is a Biblical Boy name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘to complete’,’ finish’, or ‘bring an end’ which is a perfect name for a last born if you’re looking for a more literal meaning


Hammond – is an English baby name with German and Old Norse roots meaning ‘home protection’. This is such a cute name idea for a last born if you like something that refers to the one that brings a sense of comfort, or a feeling of home 


Henry – this cute classic name is of German origin and means ‘home ruler’. As we know, last-borns tend to get their way and get away with everything so a name meaning ‘one who rules the home’ just seems a fitting celebration of the last child


Harry – this cute baby boy’s name is of German origin and means ‘home protector’ or ‘home ruler’


Hugh- is an English boy name with German roots meaning ‘soul’, ‘mind’, and ‘intellect’ which suggests wholeness or being complete. If you’re looking for a cute boy name that means complete, or finished but isn’t too out there, this is a perfect choice


Hugo -this German, Spanish, and Portuguese name means ‘ of bright mind, soul and intellect’ which suggests a feeling of completeness or wholeness or being final or finished


Isaac – is a Hebrew boy name meaning ‘laughter’ or ‘one who laughs or rejoices’. It is a beautiful choice symbolic of the joy the last child brings to the family


Javed – is a male name of Persian origin meaning ‘eternal’ or ‘complete’ 


Jeeta – is a boy name of Indian origin meaning ‘last one standing’ or ‘survivor’ which could also be interpreted as last child or last born


Jeremiah – is a beautiful baby boy’s name of Hebrew origin that means ‘appointed by God’, or  ‘God will rise which suggests this last child was specially chosen for your family 


Jonah – this soft sweet boy name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘dove’ which is a classic symbol of ‘peace’, ‘love’, and ‘purity’ 


Jonas –  is another sweet boy name of Hebrew origin, this one means ‘dove’ or ‘gift from God’ both of which are perfect meanings for the beautiful new blessing in your life


Junior – this English name means ‘young’ and is often used to refer to the youngest child or son


Kazuki – is a Japanese name meaning ‘harmony’ ‘peace’ and ‘brightness’ which is what we hope our final child will bring to the home


Khalid – is an ancient name of Arabic origin meaning ‘eternal’ ‘immortal’ or ‘everlasting’  which can be interpreted to mean full, final, complete 


Lavey – is a unisex American name meaning ‘joined’ or ‘brought together’ like a final child  will be doing for their family


Levi – this beautiful classic boy name is perfect for your last child. It is a name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘joined, united’ or ‘joined in harmony. Although it isn’t a boy name that means last or final directly, it’s a perfect name for your little one who completes the family


Mirko –  is a cool boy name of Persian and Slavic origin meaning ‘the peaceful one’ or ‘peaceful glory’. This name is perfect for the child who will bring calm and tranquility to your life. A sense of peace and feeling complete


Mithun – is a boy name of Indian origin meaning ‘union of people’ which is perfect for the child who brings everyone together in harmony and unity 


Niran – is a boys’ name of Thai origin meaning ‘eternal, everlasting’ which can mean one who completes


Noah – is a biblical boy name meaning ‘rest’, ‘comfort’  or ‘peace’ which is what the last child will bring to the family 


Omega – is a gender-neutral name (although more popularly used for boys) of Greek origin meaning ‘the end’ because it is the last letter of the Greek alphabet


Paxton – is an Old English baby name meaning ‘peace town’. This is a great choice for a boy name if you like something more modern with an implied meaning of peace and unity


Penrose – is a Celtic and Cornish name meaning ‘from the end or top of the moor’ which could translate to last or end 


Quincy – is an old-timey boy name of Roman origin meaning ‘ the fifth’ or ‘estate of the fifth son’ which could be given to the last son


Rocco – is an Italian name meaning ‘rest’ or ‘repose’ which ushers in a sense of peace


Samson – this cute old-fashioned name is of Hebrew origin and it means ‘sun child’.  This warm and sunny deposition is the perfect name for a final child who comes to brighten your life. 


Shamil – is an Arabic name meaning ‘together, complete, partner’ or ‘all comprehensive, universal’


Solomon – is a Hebrew boy name derived from the word ‘shalom’ which means ‘peace’ 


Sychar – is a Biblical boy name meaning ‘end’, although this isn’t my favorite because it can also mean ‘drunken’ or ‘falsehood’ 

Tatum (Tate)

Tatum – is a cute boy name of English origin meaning ‘brings joy’, ‘cheerful’, ‘joyful’, or ‘Tate’s homestead’. A lovely choice if you want a unique and fresh boy name that reflects the kind of feeling your last born brings


Yonah – is a Hebrew baby name meaning ‘dove’, it’s a variant of Jonah

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Wrapping Up Baby Names for A Lastborn

I hope this list of baby names meaning last, complete, and final has given you some ideas to think about while contemplating baby names for the last time.

A name meaning last, end, or final could signify the end of a journey or the culmination of something, like that feeling of being complete and full of joy. 

But remember, it can be about new beginnings too. This journey is still full of firsts, not just lats so celebrate them all. 

Whether it’s a name that means “last-born” or “final victory,” choosing a name with a meaningful message can help to shape a child’s identity and give them a sense of purpose as they grow and develop.

That’s why choices that mean ‘bringer of happiness’, ‘pure joy’, or ‘eternal peace’ are just as beautiful. 

If you haven’t found just the right name yet, fear not. I’ve got tons more to choose from.

Check out some of the names in the list above or check out my full list of baby names by theme and enjoy finding your favorite names for the last time.