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+200 Cute Middle Names for Savannah

Pretty Middle Names That Go With Savannah

Now that you’ve landed on the baby name Savannah, your next job is to find the perfect middle names for Savannah! 

Savannah is a name that exudes elegance and charm.

Over time, the name Savannah has gained popularity and has become a common name for girls. It has been a consistent favorite among parents and is often chosen for its unique and beautiful sound. The name Savannah has also been associated with a sense of adventure and exploration, which is fitting given its origins in the vast open plains of the southern United States.

To help parents find the perfect middle name for their little Savannah, I’ve compiled a list of over 200 middle names from A to Z with meanings and origins.

 From classic names like Hope and Grace to more unique names like Soliel and Zara, there is something for every taste and style. 

So, whether you are looking for a name that is traditional or modern, our list has got you covered.

cute infant baby girl sleeping on tiny bed and title +200 perfect middle names for Savannah

What Does Savannah Mean?

The origin of the name Savannah is Spanish and it means “treeless plain” referring to flat tropical grassland. 

It’s a name that’s often associated with natural beauty and open spaces. 

It’s the perfect name for an adventurous, free-spirited little one. 

 It was first used as a given name in the United States in the late 19th century, and it became more popular in the 1990s. The name is often associated with the city of Savannah, Georgia, which is known for its historic architecture and beautiful parks.

Origin of Savannah 

Savannah is a name that has been used for both boys and girls, but it is more commonly used for girls. 

The name Savannah comes from a Taino word in the Native American languag, which is spoken in the Caribbean.

 The name means “grassland” or “plain,” which is fitting given the name’s association with the American South.

Popularity Of The Name Savannah

The name Savannah has been steadily increasing in popularity since the 1980s. 

In 1980, the name was ranked 634th in popularity for girls.

 By 2000, the name had risen to 37th in popularity, and it has remained in the top 100 names for girls ever since. 

It hit it’s peak in popularity in 2006 – 2007 when it reached the top 30. 

Most recently, in 2022, the name was ranked 76rd in popularity for girls. 

You can explore more trends about the name Savannah by checking the Social Security Administration website

There’s a lot of fun facts to be found!

Nicknames For Savannah

Savannah is obviously a stunning name in it’s own right but it also includes a bunch of adorable nicknames which are just as sweet. 

Here’s a list of common cute nicknames for Savannah:











Cute Middle Names For Savannah

Let’s check out some adorable middle names for Savannah with this extensive list.

To make your search easier, the middle names are sorted from A to Z and include meanings and origins because sometimes a meaning really stands out. 

Now that you’ve decided on baby’s first name, it’s time to find its perfect match, without further ado let’s dive in and check out what names go with Savannah!


Savannah Abigail

Abigail – is a traditional Hebrew girl name meaning ‘my father’s joy’

Savannah Adrie

Adrie – is a cute girl name of Latin origin meaning ‘from Hadria’ 

Savannah Aline

Aline – is a pretty Brazilian girl name meaning ‘noble and fair’

Savannah Alston

Alston – is a strong English name meaning ‘noble stone’

Savannah Amber

Savannah Amber – has multiple meanings and origins, in Latin and French it means ‘amber color’, in Arabic it means ‘jewel’, and in Sanskrit it means ‘the sky’

Savannah Amelia

Amelia – this classic girl name is of Latin origin and means ‘striving or work’

Savannah Andrene

Andrene – this unique girl’s name is of Greek origin and means ‘courageous’

Savannah Ann

Ann – this classic girl name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘gracious’, ‘merciful’

Savannah Archer

Archer – is a cute gender-neutral name of Latin origin meaning ‘bowman’

Savannah Aria

Aria – Italian girl name meaning ‘lioness, honorable’, ‘air, ‘song or melody’

Savannah Arlene

Arlene – is a unique Irish girl name meaning ‘promise or pledge’

Savannah Ashley

Ashley – this cute unisex English baby name is more commonly used with girls, it means ‘ash tree meadow’

Savannah Aster

Aster – is a cute unisex space-inspired name of Greek origin meaning ‘star’

Savannah Audrene

Audrene – this posh British girl name means ‘strength, free-spirited’

Savannah Aurora

Aurora – this beautiful girl name is of Latin origin and means ‘dawn’

Savannah Avery

Avery – is a gender-neutral name of English origin meaning ‘ruler of the elves’


Savannah Bailey

Bailey – is a cute English occupational name meaning ‘bailiff’ or ‘city fortification’

Savannah Bay

Bay – is an English unisex name meaning ‘bathe’ or Latin for ‘berry’

Savannah Baylor

Baylor – is an English occupational gender-neutral name meaning ‘horse trainer’

Savannah Beatrice

Beatrice – is a beautiful Italian girl name of Latin origin meaning ‘she who brings joy and happiness’

Savannah Beckett

Beckett – this cute English name works for boys or girls and means ‘beehive’

Savannah Becca

Becca – is a short form for Rebecca which is a Hebrew name meaning ‘to bind’ or ‘to tie’

Savannah Bella

Bella – has Latin and Italian origins and means ‘beautiful’

Savannah Beth

Beth – is a short and cute Hebrew girl name meaning ‘oath’

Savannah Bethany

Bethany – is a classic Biblical girl name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘house of figs’

Savannah Blake

Blake – is a unisex name of English origin meaning ‘fair-haired, dark’

Savannah Blanche

Blanche – this old-fashioned girl name makes a timeless choice for a middle name, it means ‘white’ or ‘pure’ and is of French origin

Savannah Brandy

Brandy – is an Italian girl name meaning ‘sword’, it can also be a Dutch name meaning ‘burnt wine’

Savannah Bree

Bree – this short and strong girl name is of Irish origin and means ‘noble’ and ‘power’

Savannah Briane

Briane – is an  Irish gender-friendly name meaning ‘exalted, noble’

Savannah Bridget

Bridget – is a classic Gaelic girl name meaning ‘strength or exalted one’

Savannah Brielle

Brielle – is a pretty girl name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘heroine of God’

Savannah Brooke

Brooke -is a perfect combination, it has a nice ring to it! It’s an English girl name meaning ‘water, small stream’

Savannah Brynlee

Brynlee – is an English feminine name meaning ‘burned meadow’


Savannah Callie

Callie – is a pretty girl name of Greek origin meaning ‘lovely, beautiful’

Savannah Camila

Camila – has Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish roots, it means ‘religious servant’

Savannah Camille

Camille – is a lovely French gender-neutral name meaning ‘helper to priest’

Savannah Carla

Carla – is of Italian and German origin, it means ‘free woman’

Savannah Carlen

Carlen – is the Swedish version of an Old German name that means ‘free man’

Savannah Caroline

Caroline – is a beautiful girl name of German origin  meaning ‘free woman’

Savannah Cathleen

Cathleen – is an  Irish girl name meaning ‘pure’

Savannah Catherine

Catherine – is a timeless girl name of Greek origin name meaning ‘pure, clear’

Savannah Celeste

Celeste- this pretty girl name is of Latin origin and means ‘heavenly’ or ‘celestial’

Savannah Cherene

Cherene – is an uncommon girl name of  French origin meaning meaning ‘dear’

Savannah Christine

Christine – is a beautiful middle name for Savannah! It’s a Greek and Latin girl name with rich history meaning ‘follower of Christ’’

Savannah Claire

Claire – is a classic French l name meaning ‘bright or clear’

Savannah Cora

Cora – this cute girl name is of Greek origin and means ‘maiden’

Savannah Crissey

Crissey – this cute Latin girl name means ‘follower of Christ’

Savannah Dahlia

Dahlia – is a beautiful nature girl name of Swedish origin  meaning ‘flower of the valley’

Savannah Daisy

Daisy – is another cute flower girl name, this one is of English origin and means ‘day’s eye’

Savannah Dakota

Dakota – is a Native American gender-neutral name meaning ‘friend or ally’

Savannah Danielle

Danielle – this classic Hebrew girl nam‘God is my judge’

Savannah Daphne

Daphne – is a beautiful combo, it’s a Greek greek girl name meaning ‘laurel tree’

Savannah Delilah

Delilah – is a Hebrew girl name meaning ‘delicate’

Savannah Demi

Demi – is another cool combination, this one is a French gender-neutral name meaning ‘half or petite’

Savannah Destiny

Destiny – this pretty French girl name means ‘fate’

Savannah Dior

Dior – is another French girl name , it means ‘golden’

Savannah Dream

Dream – is a modern American baby  name meaning ‘joyous music’ or ‘dream’

Savannah Drew

Drew – I love short one syllable middle names for Savannah, this one is of Welsh origin and means ‘wise’

Savannah Dylan

Dylan – is a Welsh gender-neutral name meaning ‘son of the sea’


Savannah Eden

Eden – is another beautiful pairing, this one is of Hebrew origin and  means ‘place of pleasure’

Savannah Elaine

Elaine – is a French girl name meaning ‘light’ or ‘bright one’

Savannah Eleanor

Eleanor – this timeless beauty is a name is of Greek origin and means ‘sunray or shining light’

Savannah Elena

Elena – is a beautiful Greek girl name that means ‘torch or light’

Savannah Elizabeth

Elizabeth – this traditional girl name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘God is my oath’

Savannah Elle

Elle – is  a French girl name meaning ‘she’,it can also be Hebrew and Greek for ‘sun ray’

Savannah Ellery

Ellery – is a cute girl name that is of Old English origin meaning ‘dweller near the alder tree’

Savannah Eloise

Eloise – is an elegant girl name that has German roots meaning ‘famous warrior’, it can also be a name of French and English origin meaning ‘healthy, wide’

Savannah Emery

Emery – is an English  gender-neutral name meaning ‘industrious, powerful’, ‘brave’ or ‘ruler

Savannah Emily

Emily – strong yet gentle-sounding girl name is of Latin origin and means ‘rival, eager’

Savannah Emma

Emma – is a popular girl name of German origin meaning ‘whole or universal’

Savannah Evelyn

Evelyn –  is an English baby name meaning ‘desired’, ‘island’ ‘wished for’ or ‘desired child’


Savannah Fallon

Fallon – is a unique unisex Irish name meaning ‘superior’ or ‘descended from a ruler’

Savannah Faith

Faith -this short middle name for Savannah is one of my favorites!  This classic English feminine name means ‘trust or devotion’

Savannah Faye

Faye – is another pretty short middle name choice, this one is of French origin and means  ‘loyalty or belief’

Savannah Felicity

Felicity – is a girl name of Latin origin meaning  ‘happiness’

Savannah Feyre

Feyre – is a cute and unique literary girl name form the Court of Thornes and Roses series, this name means ‘beautiful fairy or elf’

Savannah Fiona

Fiona – is a girl name of Scottish origin meaning ‘white, fair’


Savannah Gabrielle

Gabrielle – is a beautiful middle name for Savannah, it is of the French form of a Hebrew girl name that means ‘God is my strength’

Savannah Genevieve

Genevieve – is a pretty French girl name with German roots, this one means ‘woman of the race’, it can also be Welsh and mean ‘white wave’

Savannah Gianna

Gianna – is an Italian and Hebrew origin girl name meaning ‘God is gracious’

Savannah Giselle

Giselle – is a unique middle name for Savannah that sounds beautiful together, it’s a French girl name meaning ‘pledge’

Savannah Gloria

Gloria – is a girl name of Latin origin and means ‘glory’

Savannah Grace

Grace – is on the list of popular middle names for girls because it works with practically any first name. It’s a simple yet beautiful girl name of Latin origin meaning ‘goodness and genorisity’, ‘favor’ or ‘blessing’

Savannah Hailey

Hailey -is another gorgeous combo, this name is of Old English origin and  means  ‘hay’s meadow’ and adds a beautiful touch of elegance that’s still youthful

Savannah Hallie

Hallie – British gender-friendly name meaning ‘dweller at the meadow’

Savannah Harlow

Harlow – this English gender-neutral name means ‘army hill’

Savannah Harmony

Harmony – is a Greek girl name meaning ‘unity or concord’

Savannah Harper

Harper – is an English gender-neutral name meaning ‘harpist or minstrel’ and makes a cute middle name for Harper

Savannah Haven

Haven – is an English gender-neutral name meaning ‘safe place’

Savannah Hazel

Hazel – this pretty English girl name works well with Savannah, it means ‘the hazel tree’

Savannah Helen

Helen – is a classic Greek girl name meaning ‘torch or light’

Savannah Holly

Holly – there’s something about this pairing that I love, it’s an English girl name meaning ‘the holly tree’

Savannah Hope

Hope – is another popular name for girls because it goes with almost any name. It is of Old English origin and means ‘faith or desire of fulfillment’

a list of cute middle names for Savannah


Savannah Indigo

Indigo -is a unique girl name of  Greek origin meaning ‘Indian dye’

Savannah Irene

Irene – is a pretty Greek girl name meaning ‘peace’ and another beautiful middle name for girls

Savannah Isabella

Isabella – is a classic Italian girl name meaning ‘devoted to God’

Savannah Isabelle

Isabelle – is the French version of the Hebrew girl name Isabel, meaning ‘God is my oath’ or ‘pledged to God’. This name adds a sense of elegance and charm to Savannah.

Savannah Isla

Isla – is a short and cute Spanish girl name meaning ‘island’

Savannah Ivy

Ivy – this English girl name means ‘vine’ or ‘evergreen climbing plant’

Savannah Iyla

Iyla – is a beautiful Sanskrit girl name meaning ‘moonlight’

One Syllable Middle Names For Savannah


Savannah Jade

Jade – makes a cool yet pretty middle name for Savannah, it’s an English gender-neutral name meaning ‘stone of the side’ or ‘precious stone’, ‘stone of the colic’

Savannah Jane

Jane – if you love traditional girl names, you might love this sweet and simple English girl name meaning ‘God is gracious’

Savannah Jesse

Jesse – is a cute Scottish gender-friendly name meaning ‘wealthy’

Savannah Jett

Jett – is a short and cute trendy name of  English origin meaning ‘excellence’

Savannah Jewel

Jewel – this uncommon girl name means ‘precious gem or stone’ and is of English origin

Savannah Jocelyn 

Jocelyn – is a beautiful German girl name meaning ‘happiness or joyful’

Savannah Jolie

Jolie – has a nice ring to it, this cute girl name comes from a French word meaning ‘pretty’, ‘one who is agreeable,’ ‘cheeful’, ‘joy’ or ‘contentment’

Savannah Jordan

Jordan – is a Hebrew gender-neutral name meaning ‘to flow down’ referring to the River Jordan

Savannah Josephine

Josephine – is an old fashioned baby girl name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God will increase’

Savannah Josie

Josie – is another super cute middle name for Savannah, this is a Hebrew girl name meaning ‘God will add’

Savannah Joy

Joy – I love short one syllable middle names for Savannah, this one pairs beautifully! This Latin girl’s name means ‘great pleasure, happiness’

Savannah June

June – is a Latin gender-neutral name meaning ‘young’


Savannah Kara

Kara – is a sweet and simple Italian girl name meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘dear’

Savannah Karine

Karine – is an uncommon pairing but sounds lovely, it is an Armenian girl name meaning ‘friend or beloved’

Savannah Kate

Kate – is perfect for parents who love a classic choice, this Greek girl feminine name means ‘pure and inner strength’

Savannah Kay

Kay – is a short and simple girl name of Greek origin meaning ‘pure’

Savannah Kennedy

Kennedy – goes well with Savannah, this Irish gender-neutral name means ‘armored’

Savannah Khai

Khai – is an uncommon middle name choice for Savannah but sounds so pretty, this Arabic gender-neutral name means ‘crowned or royalty’

Savannah Kimberly

Kimberly – is an English gender friendly name meaning ‘from the meadow of the royal fortress’

Savannah Kinsley

Kinsley – is another cute pairing, this name is of English origin and is a  gender-neutral name meaning ‘king’s meadow’

Savannah Kylie 

Kylie – is an Australian girl name meaning ‘boomerang’

Unique Middle Names For Savannah


Savannah Lacey 

Lacey – is a cute Old French unisex name meaning ‘from a place named Lassy’

Savannah Lane

Lane – is an English gender-friendly name meaning ‘a path’

Savannah Lark

Lark – this short cute girl name is of English origin and means ‘songbird’

Savannah Lee

Lee – this English gender-friendly name means ‘pasture meadow’ and makes a perfect middle name choice for boys or girls

Savannah Lexie 

Lexie – is a Greek and American girl name meaning ‘defender of the people’

Savannah Lillian

Lillian – is a Latin girl name meaning ‘lily and purity’

Savannah Lily

Lily – is a pretty flower girl name of Latin origin meaning ‘pure and symbolic of innocence’

Savannah Logan

Logan – is a cute Scottish gender-neutral name meaning ‘little hollow’. It’s a perfect middle name for Savannah for parents who don’t want something too girly

Savannah Lucy

Lucy – is a cute Latin feminine name meaning ‘of the light’

Savannah Luna

Luna – this celestial beauty is a  Latin and Spanish girl name meaning ‘moon’

Savannah Lynn

Lynn – if you like nature names that aren’t so obvious, this one is a classic. It can be a Welsh name meaning ‘lake’ or a gender neutral French name meaning ‘dweller near the lake/pool/waterfall’

Savannah Lynnette

Lynnette – is of Welsh origin and means ‘idol’, it could also be a Celtic name meaning ‘Grace’ or a French name meaning ‘pretty one’ (a diminutive form of Lynn)


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Savannah Mabel

Mabel – this adorable girl name is of Latin origin and means ‘lovable’

Savannah Mackenzie 

Mackenzie – is a gender-friendly name of Scottish origin with several meanings such as ‘son of Kenneth, ‘fire born’ and ‘favored one’

Savannah Maddison

Maddison – with more bass to the classical Madison, this is a unisex name that means ‘strength in battle’ or ‘might warrior’

Savannah Mae

Mae – is of English origin and means ‘pearl, bitter’ or Latin for ‘May’, ‘goddess of Spring and growth’

Savannah Maeve

Maeve – is a strong Irish girl name meaning ‘intoxicating’ or ‘she who rules’

Savannah Mallory

Mallory – is a French unisex name with a literal meaning of ‘the unfortunate one’. However, the name itself is old-fashioned and classic

Savannah Margaret

Margaret – is a vintage girl name of Greek origin meaning ‘pearl’

Savannah Margot

Margot – is originally a French name for a girl and a variant of  Marguerite, meaning ‘pearl’

Savannah Marie

Marie –  is a classic girl name of French origin and means ‘star of the sea’. It can also a biblical name as its the French version of Mary which means ‘beloved’ or ‘wished for child’

Savannah Maya

Maya – is a feminine name with strong Indian roots meaning ‘dream or illusion’ in Sanskrit. It’s another name for the Hindu goddess of wealth, beauty, and love, Lakshmi.

Savannah Megan

Megan – is a beautiful name of Welsh origin, meaning ‘pearl’. It can also have Greek roots and can mean ‘great’ and ‘powerful’

Savannah Melanie

Melanie – is a  Greek name derived from the Greek word ‘melania’ meaning ‘blackness’ or ‘dark’

Savannah Melody

Melody – this musical cute girl name is of Greek origin and means ‘music or song’

 Savannah Mia

Mia – is a popular girl’s name with multiple origins like Spanish, Italian and Scandinavian and means ‘mine, beloved or queen’

Savannah Mila

Mila – this pretty name is of Spanish origin with several meanings. In Spanish it means ‘miracle’, and in Slavic, it means ‘industrious and hardworking’

Savannah Morgan

Morgan – is an excellent choice for boys or girls,  this Welsh unisex nameis  derived from the combination of the Welsh words ‘mor’ and ‘cant’, which means ‘circling sea or white sea’


Savannah Naomi

Naomi – this beautiful and elegant girl’s name is of Hebrew origin  means ‘pleasant and gentle’

Savannah Natalie

Natalie – this name comes from a Latin word meaning the ‘birth of the Lord’. It’s a perfect name for a baby born during the winter season!

Savannah Nina 

Nina – is another girl name of Hebrew origin and means ‘full of grace’

Savannah Noelle

Noelle – is a  pretty girl name of French origin that means ‘Christmas’, perfect for your winter baby

Savannah Norah

Norah – this pleasant-sounding girl name is of Latin origin, and means ‘honor, dignity’

Savannah Nova

Nova – this celestial space girl name is of Latin origin derived from ‘Novus’ meaning ‘new’.


Savannah Ocean

Ocean – another popular gender-friendly name meaning ‘sea’ and is of ancient Greek origin after a titan called Oceanus

Savannah Olivia

Olivia – is a classic girl name of Latin origin, meaning ‘olive tree’. If you are looking for an earthy and nature-like name that’s not too out there, this is perfect!

Savannah Onyx

Onyx – is a mythological-sounding Greek name for both genders, meaning ‘gemstone’

list of short middle names for Savannah


Savannah Paige

Paige – another classic French origin girl name meaning ‘young servant to God’ and makes a lovely middle name for Savannah

Savannah Paisley

Paisley – this gender-neutral name means ‘place of worship’, and is of Scottish origin

Savannah Paris

Paris – associated with the French ‘city of love’, this gender-friendly name oozes chic, culture, and soul

Savannah Pearl

Pearl – is another classic name of Latin origin meaning ‘precious’ like the finest specimen of its kind

Savannah Penelope

Penelope – this beautiful girl name is of Greek origin and means ‘weaver’

Savannah Peyton

Peyton – is  gender friendly name of English origin, meaning ‘fighting-man’s estate’

Savannah Phoenix

Phoenix – derived from the name of a Greek mythological bird, this gender-neutral name symbolizes ‘renewal, regeneration and immortality’

Savannah Piper

Piper – comes from the folklore of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, this  name is of British origin and  means ‘pipe player, musician’

Savannah Poppy

Poppy – is a feminine name with Latin and Old English origins, meaning ‘floral, delicate petal’

Savannah Presley

Presley – is a beautiful Old English unisex name meaning ‘priest’s meadow’


Savannah Quinn

Quinn – has been rising in popularity in recent years, it is an Irish gender-neutral name meaning ‘wise, sense or reason’

Short Middle Names For Savannah


Savannah Rain

Rain – is another nature-inspired gender friendly British name meaning ‘abundant blessing from above’

Savannah Reign

Reign – is primarily a gender-neutral name of American origin, meaning ‘rule or sovereign’

Savannah Reese

Reese – this sweet unisex name is of Welsh origin, and means ‘fire and enthusiasm’

Savannah Riley

Riley – adding to the list of unisex names of English origin, meaning ‘rye clearing or wood’, this is another combination that sounds perfect together

Savannah River

River – is a unique name of  English origin derived from ‘a flowing body of water’, and is gaining popularity for girls as a nature girl name

Savannah Rory

Rory – is a royal-like name of Irish and Scottish origin, meaning ‘red king or ruler’s son’

Savannah Rosalie

Rosalie – is a beautiful name for a baby girl, it is of French origin and means ‘rose garden’. It also has Latin roots derived from the word ‘rosa’

Savannah Rose

Rose – as far as girl middle names that go wih Savannah, this is probably the ultimate one! It’s a popular choice because it sounds so beautiful together. This timeless name is of Latin origin, meaning ‘rose’ and ‘flower’.

Savannah Ruby

Ruby – is another gender friendly name of Latin origin, meaning ‘deep red precious stone’

Savannah Ruth

Ruth – with a biblical backstory, this Hebrew girl name means ‘compassionate friend’


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Savannah Sadie

Sadie – is a perfect pair for Savannah, it is of Hebrew origin and means ‘princess’, ideal for a new baby girl

Savannah Sage

Sage – is an uncommon unisex name of Latin origin meaning ‘wise and intelligent’. This name is also known for aromatic aura

Savannah Scarlett

Scarlett – is a soft French girl’s name meaning ‘red’ or ‘love’. The name symbolizes courage, passion, and heat

Savannah Shiloh

Shiloh – this peaceful unisex name is of Hebrew origin, and means ‘tranquil’ and ‘abundance’

Savannah Sienna

Sienna – this warm girl name is of Latin and Italian origin, and means ‘from Siena’ and ‘orange red’ in Italian

Savannah Skye

Skye – comes from Norse or Scottish origin and means ‘island of clouds’ or ‘heavens and sky’, a pretty yet not too weird nature-inspired name

Savannah Skyler

Skyler – adding to the list of unisex names with English and Scottish roots, meaning ‘sky or cloud’

Savannah Sloane

Sloane – is a cute gender-neutral Irish name meaning ‘raider or warrior’, derived from the word ‘Slaughadhan’

Savannah Sofie

Sofie – this short and feminine girl name is of Greek origin, meaning ‘wisdom’

Savannah Soliel

Soliel – if you love French names, this soft and uncommon French girl name means ‘sun’. This name is perfect for the bright new joy in your life

Savannah Stella

Stella – is a stellar girl name of Italian and Latin origin, meaning ‘celestial star’

Savannah Summer

Summer – is a great choice, named after the most favored season, this girl name is of English origin and means ‘born during the summer’


Savannah Talia

Talia – this sweet baby girl name is of Hebrew and Aramaic origins, meaning ‘dew of God’ ideal for the new addition in your life

Savannah Tarra

Tarra – this unique girl name is of Irish and Sanskrit roots, meaning ‘star’. Tarra cannot be described in a few words, it boasts ‘destiny, desire and personality’

Savannah Taylor

Taylor – adding to the list of unique unisex names, Taylor is of French origin, and is an occupational name meaning ‘‘one who cuts’

Savannah Teagan

Teagan – is a gender-neutral name of Irish origin meaning ‘little poet or fair’

Savannah Tessa

Tessa – is a beautiful girl name of English origin meaning ‘harvester or reaper’ It is a variant of the name Theresa, which is derived from the Greek name ‘Therapia’ meaning ‘summer harvest’

Savannah True

True – is more of a modern name, this inspirational unisex name of English origin, meaning ‘real, genuine or loyal’. It is fitting for the characteristics of your new bundle of joy


Savannah Valerie

Valerie – this elegant soft girl name is of French origin meaning ‘healthy, strong’

Savannah Vienna

Vienna – named after the city in Austria, this girl name is of Latin origin meaning ‘forest stream’

Savannah Vera

Vera – is of  Slavic and Latin origin, this girl name means ‘faith or truth’

Savannah Vicky

Vicky – this short and sweet Latin girl name means ‘victory or triumphant’

Savannah Victoria

Victoria – is the feminine version of Victor and is of Latin origin, meaning ‘victorious’

Savannah Viola

Viola – with multiple origins like Latin and Italian, this floral beautiful girl name means ‘purple or violet’

Savannah Violet

Violet – another earthly plant inspired girl name of Latin origin, meaning ‘purple or blue flower’

Savannah Vivian

Vivian – this vibrant Latin origin girl name means ‘life or lively’. This name is fitting for your new joyful legacy baby


Savannah Wendy

Wendy – this cute girl name is of Englsih origin and means ‘friend’ or ‘blessed ring’

Savannah Willa

Willa – is a strong girl name of German origin meaning ‘resolute protection’

Savannah Willow

Willow – is an Old English girl name that means ‘willow tree’

Savannah Wren

Wren – is another perfect middle name for Savannah that’s short and sweet this English girl name means ‘small brown songbird’


Savannah Yvette

Yvette – this subtle and urban girl name is of French origin meaning ‘yew’. This name is perfect for a floral inspired baby name


Savannah Zara

Zara – has multiple meanings and origins like Arabic and Hebrew, it can mean ‘radiance’, ‘blooming flower’ or ‘princess’

Savannah Zoe

Zoe – is a heavily rooted Greek girl name meaning ‘life’. This name is very popular with Christians and is associated with ‘eternal life’

cute little girl in white dress smiling nad title pretty middle names that go with Savannah

Tips For Choosing A Middle Name

Hopefully, you found this list of the best middle names for Savannah helpful. 

If you’re still stuck on your ideal middle name, there are a few things to think about when choosing a perfect match.

You can’t go wrong with a choice that’s meaningful to you like a family tradition or family name. 

Is there a middle name that’s been passed down over the years that could be a good fit? 

Maybe some favorite family members you want to honor? Or maybe you can use your mother’s last name before marriage and honor her side. 

These are usually classics so they’re a safe choice.

You can also choose a name based on a meaning or some special significance to you.

First, Middle, and Last Name

Another thing to think about is how the full name sounds together.

 Does it have that perfect fit? The right number of syllables?

Say the name out loud and make sure you love how it feels.

Consider Baby’s Initials

Don’t forget to look at the baby’s initials. What does it spell out? You don’t want to end up with something inappropriate or weird.

Consider Nicknames

Combining first and middle names can sometimes result in some cute nickname ideas so think about those too.

Sometimes individuals end up going by their middle names so consider nicknames for your middle name as well.

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Wrapping Up Great Middle Names For Savannah

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for the perfect name for your little girl!

Remember, you don’t have to resonate with every name here, you’re just trying to create a short list of ones that could work for you.

Heck, I don’t even love all the names on this list.

Personally, I’m partial to the more traditional middle name ideas like Rose, Hope, and Grace or short names that are 1 syllable.

I think the classics are popular middle names for a reason, they just never go out of style.

If your little one has a sibling, then sometimes you may like to think about sibling names as well. Do they go well together? 

Some people like sister names that start with the same letter for instance as a way of sharing something between them and have a similar vibe. 

If this is your first little one you might be tempted to use your two favorite names together but then you may end up with a sibling and can’t use that other name.

So that’s another thing to consider.