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+100 Japanese Twin Boy Names

What are some good Japanese names for twins?

Are you on the hunt for matching Japanese twin boy names? 
I’ve made up a list of cute Japanese names for boys with meanings to help you find the right pair.   

Japanese baby names have become more popular in the west because of their beautiful and unique sounds and powerful meanings. 

They are steeped in culture and history, making them very sought after.   

When considering Japanese twin male names, you can try to find matching pairs that either sound great together or names with meanings that go well together.   
So this list contains both Japanese twin boy names that go together because they sound good and because they have complementary meanings.   

The Japanese language is beautiful and complex and baby names can be just as complex. 

Usually, you’ll notice Japanese baby names are written in kanji (meaning Han character), although some also use hiragana or katakana and others use a mix.  

So depending on what is used, you can have wildly different meanings for names that sound the same.   
Kanji characters are Japanese characters or symbols which represent whole words or names.  Kanji can stand alone or be combined with other Kanji to make new words.   

This is why one name can be spelled in multiple ways and often have varying meanings.

If you find a name you love be sure to explore the various popular Kanji combinations to find the meaning you like.    Since there are literally tens of thousands of Kanji to choose from, I won’t list all the meanings but will try to list the most popular or common ones.   

I became more familiar with Japanese names while teaching English online to children in Japan. It’s a different culture and I just wished to learn more about Japanese people and their customs and ideas.  

One fun tidbit I learned from a mother of my students (who actually had twin boys) was that it was often commonplace for the twins to share a Kanji character as a way of tying siblings together.  
She said in older days this was pretty typical for siblings in general but not as much anymore. 

Many of the names on my list are suggestions from my student’s parents or even a tribute to some of my students as well.

Let’s check out some of the best Japanese boy names, shall we?!

Japanese twin boy babies smiling and title cutest Japanese twin names for boys

The Best Japanese Twin Boy Names

This list of Japanese names for boys is obviously of Japanese origin and includes both modern and traditional names. Many are popular Japanese baby names that are quite common but I’ve also included some rare and uncommon ones as well.

I’ve actually got an entire list dedicated to beautiful and unique Japanese names for boys (over 450!) in case you want to come up with your own pair of twin boy names that aren’t on this list.

If you’re curious about the top boy names in Japan, check out that list.

They don’t have an official list that’s done by the government as we do here so that’s the closest thing to it.

Aiko & Akira

Aiko –  this cute Japanese boy name means ‘love’ ‘affection’ and the ‘ko’ means child so I would say it means ‘beloved child’ – how sweet is that!

Akira – this beautiful boy name means ‘bright’ ‘clear’ and ‘shining’ 

I think this pair of Japanese boy names sound beautiful together if you want names that sound melodic without being matchy. 

Akihiko & Akihiro

Akihiko – this lovely boy name means ‘bright price’ 

Akihiro –  this cute name means ‘bright, shining’ 

Both these twin Japanese male names share a similar meaning of ‘bright’ (from Aki) which ties them together and don’t you love the matching A names. 

Akito & Asahi

Akito – this cute and short boy name means ‘bright person’ or ‘like autumn season’  

Asahi – is a popular Japanese boy name meaning ‘morning, sunlight’

This pair of cute and short Japanese boy names sound great together and share a similar meaning in reference to light and brightness.

Your boys will definitely bring more of that into your life so what a perfect set of twin names for Japanese boys.  

Akito & Haruto

Akito –  This cute name works for so many combos – it means ‘bright person’ 

Haruto – is a popular Japanese boy name (usually its one of the top names and often in the top 10 list) and means ‘sun, light, bright’ combined with ‘to soar, fly’

Akitomo & Aritomo 

Akitomo – this cute name is broken down into Aki meaning ‘dawn’ ‘rising sun’, ‘clear, crystal’ and ‘tomo’ meaning ‘knowledge’ or ‘wisdom’

Aritomo –  this name combines ‘to have’ and ‘knowledge’

Both these boy names share a similar meaning (referring to wisdom) and have a similar sound that matches well together for a sibling or twin boy names

Akiro & Arashi 

Akiro – is such a cute Japanese name meaning ‘bright boy’

Arashi –  this strong boy name means ‘storm’, ‘new heart’, ‘new samurai’ or ‘tempest’

I love this pair of boy names! I think they sound beautiful together and have a cute playfulness to them.  They aren’t super matchy but still sound like they fit well together which I love. 

Aohito & Ayato

Aohito – this cool name combines ‘love or affection’ with ‘boy, price’ 

Ayato –  this boy name means ‘vividness, color’ and ‘sound’ or ‘benevolence’ 

Both these names are quite different but both end with a ‘to’ sound which makes them fit together perfectly. These are unique names that pair well.

Asahi & Hiroshi 

Asahi – is a boy name that’s quite popular in Japanese culture, it means ‘morning’ or ‘sunlight’

Hiroshi – this handsome boy name means ‘tolerant, generous’ or ‘prosperous’ (depending on the Kanji used) 

These cute names for boys sound so complimentary since they both end in a ‘hi’ sound 

Atsuko & Haruto 

Atsuko – this boy name contains ‘Atsu’ which has quite a few different Kanji meanings: ‘warm’, ‘deep, true, sincere’, and ‘honest’. It is then combined with ‘ko’ meaning ‘child’

Haruto –  is one of the common Japanese names (probably because it’s super cute) and means ‘light, sun’, male’ or ‘clear, weather’ combined with ‘soar, fly’

I love how these cool boy names sound together! It just rolls off the tongue.  The ‘o’ endings make it sound like they just belong together, doesn’t it?

Bachiko & Sachiko

Bachiko – this cute boy name means ‘happy child’

Sachiko – is the perfect match, it means ‘happiness, good luck’ and ‘child’

Both these names have the same ‘iko’ sound ending and even share the same meaning of happy child or lucky child. It’s the perfect set of Japanese twin boy names! It even lends itself to cute nicknames like Bachi and Sachi.

Benjiro & Tanjiro 

Benjiro – this cute boy name means ‘peace’ or ‘enjoy peace’ 

Tanjiro –  is a lovely name meaning ‘ highly valued second son’ 

This set of twin names for boys is just perfect! I love how they sound together and how they both end in ‘jiro’. They also lend themselves to super-cute nicknames Ben and Tan! 

Chikao & Chimon

Chikao – this Japanese male name means ‘clever and wise individual’

Chimon –  this cute name means ‘gate of wisdom’

These boy names both start with ‘c’ which gives them that sibling vibe but have very different sounds. They’re both tied together by their meanings that point to knowledge and wisdom. Perfect for two smart little boys.

Daichi & Daiki

Daichi – this boy name means ‘big, great’ combined with ‘earth, land’ or ‘wisdom, intellect 

Daiki –  also uses ‘dai’ which means ‘big, great’, and is combined with ‘ki’ which can mean ‘brightness, shining’, ‘tree’ or ‘valuable which could translate to a child who shines brightly

This pair of twin boy names sound so cute together and they both share the kanji for ‘dai’ so what a perfect pairing.

Emihiko & Yukio

Emihiko –  depending on the kanji used it can mean ‘laugh’, ‘river’ or ‘ocean’ combined with ‘man of wit and virtue’ or ‘light’

Yukio –  this short and cute boy name means ‘snow’ or ‘snow boy’

This is a unique pair with each name having its own sound but sharing the ‘o’ at the end. Both names have a tie to nature with elements like water and son which I thought was a beautiful connection.

Fumihiro & Chihiro

Fumihiro – this unique boy name combines ‘fumi’ meaning ‘sentence, writing’ and ‘hiro’ meaning ‘large or wide’ 

Chihiro – this cute name means ‘a thousand gains’, ‘thousand abundance’ or ‘thousand questions’ (depending on the Kanji)

This is another great set of twin names in Japanese that share a Kanji. They both refer to an abundance. 

Genjiro & Goro 

Genjiro – has many possible Kanji combinations but the most common meaning is ‘second son who sees with insight’

Goro – this short and sweet boy name translates to ‘fifth’ or ‘fifth son’

Genjiro and Goro sound so good together! They are both number names so that’s another sweet connection that’s fun for brothers. 

Haruki & Hikaru

Haruki – this handsome boy name means ‘springtime’ ‘light, sun’, ‘clear weather’ combined with ‘brightness’ or ‘living’. It can be taken to mean ‘spring child’ – how cute! 

Hikaru – this beautiful name means ‘to shine, ‘light’, or ‘brightness’ or ‘large sparkle’ 

These boy names complement each other so well! They sound great together and also share some similar meanings like ‘light’. 

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Haruto & Hiroto

Haruto -is a popular choice for baby boy names in Japan (it was #1 in 2020) , it means ‘sun, sunlight. It was particularly popular during the pandemic ea as parents were looking for hopeful, positive associations like light and brightness in those dark times

Hiroto – this strong boy name means ‘big great’ ‘command, esteem’ combined with ‘soar, fly’. This is a popular Kanji combination  whose characters refer to the constellation Ursa Major so it could mean ‘great flying’

This sibling name combination is a powerful duo that offers hope and light! Plus, they both have a cute nickname to match: Haru and Hiro! Adorable!

Hikaru & Hinata 

Hikaru – this Japanese unisex name means ‘light’ ‘brightness’ or ‘to shine’

Hinata – is also a gender-neutral name, it means ‘in the sun’, ‘facing the sun’, ‘sunny place’, or ‘warmth of the sun’

I love that this pair of names are both unisex names with a similar meaning referring to light! They also sound great together but are both unique and different. 

Hiro & Shirou 

Hiro – has many different meanings depending on the Kanji used, here are some common ones: ‘abundant’ ‘broad, wide’, ‘generous, tolerant, and ‘prosperous’

Shirou – this cute name means ‘fourth son’, ‘gentleman’ or ‘samurai’ 

These cute boy names have a fun rhyming quality about them but vastly different meanings, making each a unique choice for your boys.

Hoshi  & Satoshi 

Hoshi – is the Japanese word for ‘star’ and is also a common surname in Japan

Satoshi – this Japanese male name means ‘intelligent history’, ‘clear thinking, wise’ or ‘quick-witted’

This is another cute boy name combination that sounds great together since they both end in ‘shi’ 

Ichiro & Jiro

Ichiro – this cute Japanese name means ‘first son’ 

Jiro – is the perfect name to complement the first because it means ‘second son’

How perfect is this name combination? They sound wonderful together and even have complimentary meanings! It just sounds like the perfect Japanese name for twins, don’t you think?

Jun & Akio

Jun – this short and cute name means ‘obedient child’ 

Akio –  this cool boy name means ‘bright man’ or ‘luminous, light’ 

This uncommon paring sounds great and is short and cute. 

Kai & Sora

Kai – if you’re looking for a Japanese name that’s also an American name, this could be perfect. This beautiful name means ‘ocean, sea’, ‘shell’, ‘open’, ‘restoration’ or ‘recovery’ depending on the Kanji used

Sora – can be a female name or male Japanese name and it means ‘sky’ 

If you’re looking for short and cute boy names, this set is perfect! They’re both so unique and different but share nature elements in their meanings. How beautifully do the ocean and sky go together? 

Kaito & Minato 

Kaito –  this male name means ‘sea’, ‘ocean’, ‘soar’, and ‘fly’ which could translate to ‘flying over the sea’

Minato –  is a perfect complementary name as it means ‘harbor’

Don’t you love this pair of water-inspired Japanese boy names! These great names sound similar with their ‘to’ endings and have meanings inspired by water. How beautiful is that?

Kaoru & Hikaru

Kaoru – is a cute Japanese name used for males and females, it means ‘fragrance’ or ‘fragrant’

Hikaru –  is also a beautiful gender-neutral Japanese name, it means ‘light’, ‘brightness’, or ‘to shine 

I love that both of these are super cute-sounding names ending in a ‘ru’ sound and both are gender-neutral! I think they make a beautiful pair. 

Kentaro & Rintaro

Kentaro –  this cute name means ‘big boy’ or ‘big man’. It can also mean ‘thick,’ ‘plump’ or ‘sharp’

Rintaro – combines the Kanji for ‘ethics’ with ‘big, thick, plump’ and ‘son’

Both are beautiful traditional Japanese baby boy names that share the Kanji ‘ta’ and ‘rou’ so they wound lovely as a matching pair.  If you’re looking for something that sounds like American names, this pair also has cute nicknames like Ken and Rin. 

Kioshi & Kishi

Kioshi – is a popular name perfect for a little boy, it means ‘silent, quiet’ or ‘bright light, shining, clear’ depending on the Kanji used

Kishi – is primarily a gender-neutral Japanese name meaning ‘beach, seashore’ 

Both these K names have a unique sound but complement each other quite well so they would make great names for twin boys. 

Kiyoshi & Hiroshi

Kiyoshi – is such a cute sounding name and it means ‘pure’, ‘bright, shining’ ‘clear’, or ‘quiet child’

Hiroshi – is a very popular Japanese baby boy name, it means ‘generous’ or ‘prosperous person’ 

This pair of Japanese twin boy names is definitely among my favorites! Both have such beautiful and positive meanings and sound wonderful as a set with their ‘oshi’ endings

Kuro & Hachiro

Kuro – if you want some modern names, this short and cute boy name means ‘ninth son’. It can also mean ‘dark, black’ depending on the Kanji used.

Hachiro – is a beautiful name meaning ‘eighth son’

I love the sound of the name as it rolls off your tongue. This pair is unique and different yet still sounds so complimentary. The meanings are similar as well with being the eighth and ninth son. 

Manpei & Shinpei

Manpei and Shinpei are a pair of twin Japanese brothers who are actors. You might know of them from the voiceover for the main character on the popular Japanese anime show Yu-gi-oh. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the meanings of the names but they both share the ‘pei’ Kanji which is cute! The names sound great together as well. 

Masahiro & Kichiro

Masahiro – is a cute baby name that means ‘justice, prosper’, ‘wide’, ‘ocean’ or ‘brave, big’

Kichiro – is another cool Japanese name, it combines the Kanji for ‘lucky’ and ‘son’

These two popular baby names make such a perfect pair! They both share the kanji for ‘hiro’ and sound cute together. You could use adorable nicknames like Masa and Kichi. 

Masayuki & Takayuki

Masayuki – is a beautiful traditional name for males meaning ‘gracious, elegant, proper, refined’ or ‘good future, prosperous’

Takayuki – can mean ‘excellent male child’, ‘child who serves his parents well’, or ‘happiness, blessings, fortune’

Both are such beautiful and unique Japanese baby name ideas for twin boys! They share the Kanji for ‘Yuki’ which sounds very cute together and offers fun nicknames like Masa and Taka!  Both have meanings that relate to good fortune and prosperity so they’re a great pick.

Minato & Hayato

Minato –  this sweet boy’s name means ‘harbor, sea, ocean’ 

Hayato – can mean ‘man of falcon speed’ or ‘sudden, quick’ and sound of the wind, gust/storm’ 

Both are such cute Japanese boy names with a nature theme!  Both share the kanji ‘to’ meaning person’ and sound great together since they share a similar ending.

Minoru & Naruto

Minoru – this name means ‘to bear fruit’, ‘truth’ or ‘kindness’ depending on the Kanji used 

Naruto – has a strong sound to it, it means ‘maelstrom’ or ‘whirlpool’

If you’re looking for cool names I think this pair just exudes edginess.  This pair doesn’t have a very matchy vibe but sounds great together anyway because they both sound strong and have 3 syllables which give them a similar feel without being too matchy. 

Motoki and Masaki 

Motoki – this unique name means ‘smart’ or ‘bright child’, ‘end of thread’ or ‘submerged rock’ depending on the kanji used

Masaki –  this name can mean ‘flourishing tree’ or ‘correct’ depending on the kanji 

These two names make an awesome pairing and share the ‘ki’ ending which gives them a more unified feeling. They both are ‘m’ names as well which can work well for twins. 

Naoki & Makoto

Naoki – can be translated to mean ‘the tree of truth’ 

Makoto – this name is translated as ‘sincerity’ 

I think the meanings of these names fit so well together. They speak of truth and realness. They aren’t matchy names but they are tied together by their meanings instead. If you want unique names that have a special tie to each other, I think this pair works so well for that.

Oshiro and Kichiro

Oshiro – sounds super cute, it combines the Kanji for ‘big’ and ‘castle’

Kichiro –  is another super cute choice and it means ‘fortune, goodness, luck’ and often is translated as ‘lucky son’ 

This set of Japanese twin boy names are so beautiful and go together very well. They both share the ‘hiro’ ending which makes them sound really unified. Plus I love the nicknames Oshi and Kichi! 

Raiyu & Raiden

Raiyu – this cool boy name can mean ‘the next great coming’ or ‘strong, vigorous soldier’ depending on the Kanji

Raiden – in Japanese mythology this unique name refers to the ‘God of thunder and lightening

I love this set of strong boy names! They both sound different and unique but share some common themes in terms of meaning, plus they’re both ‘r’ names that sound like a good fit together. 

Ren & Ritsuka

Ren – is a short and cute unisex Japanese name meaning ‘lotus’

Ritsuka –  this beautiful unisex name means ‘jasmine flower’ or ‘good law’ depending on the Kanji

Both these names share an ‘r’ and have nature meanings that relate to different kinds of flowers. You could definitely use nicknames like Ren and Ritsu which sound so cute together! Perfect names for a flower child. 

Riku & Goku

Riku – this short and sweet boy name has many different kanji and can mean ‘handsome, or beautiful child’, ‘clever’ ‘land, continent’, or ‘strength, power’

Goku – this name might sound familiar (Dragon Ball) and it means ‘aware of emptiness’, or ‘from the sky’ 

These cute boy names make a perfect pair and sound really cute together. They have unique meanings but the ‘ku’ endings have a nice ring to them.

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Ryohei & Ryoichi

Ryohei – this cool and unique boy name means ‘splendid, peaceful, ‘dragon’ or ‘steep mountain, flat’ or ‘good and flat’ depending on the kanji used

Ryoichi – this beautiful name means ‘good, clear, one’ or ‘dragon, imperial’ or ‘good, clear’

Both these names share the ‘ryo’ kanji which helps unite the pair. They sound quite similar but have unique and different endings.

Ryuichi & Ryuji

Ryuichi – this unique Japanese boy name means ‘first son’ or ‘dragon’

Ryuji – this cool name combines the  kanji for ‘dragon’ and ‘second’ 

This cute set of names both share the kanji for ‘ryu’ and also fit as ‘first and second son’. They’re really a match made in heaven and sound so cute as well.

Saburo & Shiro

Saburo – this sweet and simple boy name means ‘third son’ 

Shiro – this boy name means ‘fourth son’ or ‘gentleman, samurai’

If you want a pair of names with meanings that fit well together, this set is perfect.  They have complementary meanings and both start with ‘s’ but have unique sounds so they work well together. 

Sakon & Ukon 

Sakon – this cool and unusual boy name means ‘left’

Ukon – this unique name means ‘right’

Talk about a matching pair, this set of baby boy names has meanings that go hand in hand with complementary opposites like left and right. They sound cute together as well and have a similar sound.

Tadashi & Takuya

Tadashi – this handsome boy name means ‘faithful, proper, history’ or ‘right, correct, true’

Takuya –  this name means ’eminent one’ or ‘to expand, increasingly cultivate’ 

These ‘t’ letter boy names sound so beautiful together. They’re both unique and different but go together well and have unique meanings. 

Taiyo & Eichiko

Taiyo – is a sweet and simple name meaning ‘sun’

Eichiko –  is a cute and unique boy name meaning ‘wise child’ 

This is another set of unique and different twin names that work together well because of the similar sounds at the end. 

Takashi & Hiroki

Takashi – this boy’s name means ‘dutiful, prosperous, ambition’

Hiroki – this cute boy  name combines the kanji for ‘large, wide’ and ‘woods, forest’ or ‘light, brightness’ which could translate to ”large light’ or ‘abundant radiance’ 

I love this set of names! I think they both sound so cute and harmonious together. 

Tatsuya & Mitsuya

Tatsuya – depending on the kanji can mean ‘master, to be’, ‘master/accomplished, arrow’ or ‘dragon, to be’

Mitsuya – this name combines the kanji for ‘three’, ‘stars’, and ‘valley’ 

These two names share the ‘suya’ ending and yet have their own unique sounds which I think work well together. You could also use cute nicknames like Tatsu and Mitsu.

Wakato & Wataru 

Wakato – this uncommon boy name means ‘young one’ 

Wataru –  this name means to ‘navigate, cross over’, ‘increase’, ‘finish’

These are unique names that could work for twins simply because they share the ‘w’ as the first letter and sound nice together. 

Yoshi & Yuki

Yoshi – this adorable name means ‘the good’, ‘respectful child’, ‘righteous child’ or ‘good luck’, there are many different kanji to choose from for this one and each has a unique meaning

Yuki –  this short and cute baby name is used for a baby boy or baby girl, it means ‘snow’ or ‘snow child’ 

Yukio & Yasuhiro

Yukio – this cute baby name means ‘snow boy’

Yasuhiro- this beautiful and uncommon boy name means ‘peace, quiet’ combined with ‘center, middle’

Another unusual set that works well together. I think they sound even better with nicknames like Yasuhi and Yuki. I like the matching ‘y’ at the beginning that ties it together yet lets each name stand on its own. 

Yutaka & Makoto

Yutaka – this cool name means ‘rich, affluence’, ‘prosperous’, and ‘wealthy’

Makoto –  this beautiful name means ‘sincerity’ or ‘truth’ 

These are a unique pair but they sound sort of similar so I think they go well together.  


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Wrapping Up Twin Japanese Names For Boys

I hope you enjoyed these unique and beautiful Japanese twin names! If you’re looking for some more Japanese boy names, don’t forget to check out my other post with over 450 names and meanings.

My next task is to make a list of rare Japanese girl names or maybe some twin girl names so check back for that 🙂

Is there a name you love or even a set of twin names you have in mind?

Let me know in the comments because I’m always updating posts with inspiration from my readers.

I wish you luck on your naming journey!



Sunday 26th of March 2023

we remain in doubt. We want opinion on Yu. In google Yuu is kind and we really liked him. However, I have seen that in other languages ‚Äč‚Äčtranslating its kanji is Yu. However, if I write Yu in Google it shows that it is a Chinese name.

How would foreigner be spelled correctly? Yu or Yuu? sorry for my bad english