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Easter Scavenger Hunt Pregnancy Announcement

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Pregnancy Announcement Idea

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to announce your pregnancy to your hubby or family this Easter season?

Look no further than an Easter egg hunt pregnancy announcement!

With a few simple tweaks, you can turn this classic holiday activity into an exciting pregnancy announcement that will have everyone guessing and celebrating your big news.

An Easter egg hunt pregnancy announcement is the perfect way to tell your husband you’re pregnant or it can be a fun way to share your pregnancy news with your older kids.

It doesn’t have to be super complicated to set up. Just grab my done-for-you Easter pregnancy announcement reveal printable.

Read on for some tips and ideas on how to make your Easter egg hunt pregnancy announcement a success without driving yourself crazy while dealing with those pesky first-trimester pregnancy announcement symptoms.

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Easter egg pregnancy scavenger hunt for family

What Will You Need For Your Easter Egg Hunt Pregnancy Announcement

Easter egg hunt pregnancy announcement message

Let’s start off with a list of everything you’re going to need to set up your Easter egg pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt!

First off, you’ll need the actual message itself.

If you love a good DIY project you can make this yourself but if you don’t need one more thing to do right now, just grab my Easter Pregnancy Announcement Printable Message!

Next, you’ll need some of those cute plastic Easter eggs to put the notes in. These come in so many colors and designs these days so take a look and see what you like.

This part is totally optional but you can include little treats in each egg if you like.

If you’re doing a pregnancy reveal for your husband or the grandparents, you could just include some mini eggs or chocolate eggs.

If you’re doing an easter pregnancy reveal for your older kiddos, you could include chocolates or little toys, trinkets, and stickers like this set.

You’ll also need access to a printer if you’re using my Easter message so you can print out your message. Then you’ll need scissors to cut them out.

If you have cardstock paper on hand, I would highly suggest using that to print as it just looks better but if not, don’t worry, regular paper works just fine too.

This is more of a nice to have, not a must.

That’s about all you’ll need to put your egg hunt together.

flat lay of Easter pregnacy announcement to husband printable

How To Set Up Your Easter Pregnancy Announcement Scavenger Hunt

plastic easter egg with clue for pregnancy announcement to husband reveal

Now that we have all the materials we need to set up our Easter egg hunt, let’s go over how to actually put everything together.

You’ll notice you have 4 pages of messages, 1 blank editable page, and a 1-page poem to begin the hunt.

Your message can be 26 words long or 29 words long (depending on how many easter eggs you have available).

Every month is included as a separate sheet so you can customize your due date. If you’re having twins, there’s another sheet (with the years) where you can change the message from two feet to four feet as well.

I’ve also included a blank sheet that’s an editable PDF so you can do your own message if you prefer. You’ll need to have Adobe Reader installed to edit the file and add your own message.

You can change the font style/size/color by pressing CTRL + E.

Once you print out the pages you need, you’ll need to cut out each message individually. You’ll notice each message has a number.

This is so that once all the eggs are found, you can put the message together in numerical order to read the secret surprise!

Once you have all the individual messages cut out, assemble your eggs with 1 message in each Easter egg and add your treats if you’re using any.

Next, simply hide your Easter eggs around the house and you’re done!

To make sure all of them are found you can either keep a list of where everything was hidden or hide them in fairly easy-to-find places.

Easter pregnancy announcement treasure hunt bundle and whats included

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Caption Ideas

Easter pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt reveal message

I wanted to show you exactly what the message in the eggs will be and give you some more ideas if you want to create something a little different.

The Easter poem to start the hunt will read:

Easter eggs, Easter eggs, green and blue.

Easter eggs, Easter eggs, for me and you.

Easter eggs, Easter eggs filled with yummy sweets.

This Easter there’s an egg-stra special treat!

First, find all the eggs and then look inside,

numbered words put together will reveal the surprise!

The Easter egg hunt pregnancy reveal message will read:

The egg hunt is over. We found our sweet treat. Our family is growing by two tiny feet. Some bunny special is egg-spected this: month year. Hip Hop Hurray!

flay lay of Easter Pregnancy Reveal Egg hunt with clues

Here are some more Easter-themed pregnancy announcement captions in case you want to create something different and need some inspiration.

🥚 We’re egg-specting!

🥚 We have some egg-citing news to share!

🥚 I’m egg-cited to say baby your last name is on the way!

🥚 A new peep is joining our family!

🥚 Our nest is blessed! Baby your last name hatching your due date.

🥚 The Easter bunny really delivered this year!

🥚 Some bunny special is on the way.

🥚 Spring is in the air and I have some egg-citing news to share. Baby your last name arriving on your due date.

🥚 We’re egg-specting some bunny special!

🥚 This Easter I’m thrilled to say… a sweet little bunny is on the way!

🥚 Some bunny is going to be a big brother/sister! (if you’re doing this surprise for an older sibling)

🥚 One extra egg in our basket this due date.

🥚 Happy Easter! Also, I’m pregnant!

🥚 We’re pr-egg-nant!

🥚 We have a special delivery from the Easter bunny arriving on your due date.

🥚 Guess who’s hatching your due date.

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Easter pregnancy announcement egg hunt printable

Wrapping up Easter Pregnancy Announcement Scavenger Hunt

I hope this post gave you some ideas and tips for setting up your own Easter egg hunt pregnancy announcement reveal!

Don’t forget to grab my Easter Egg Hunt Reveal Bundle to save some time and make setup a little easier. If you’re looking for more fun and creative ideas for your big announcement, make sure to check out some of the posts listed above.

Wishing you a safe and happy pregnancy and delivery mama!

Hoppy Easter!