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Cutest Girl First and Middle Names (That Sound Good Together)

Looking for the perfect first and middle name for girls? Finding just the right first and middle name combination for your baby girl can be tough! You want a first and middle name combination that go together and just rolls off the tongue.

When I was pregnant, I was sure it was going to be a girl (wishful thinking on my part I think LOL) and I was making lists of baby girl name combintions I loved!

I didn’t actually get to use it because I ended up with the cutest little boy but I figured it might help someone else who’s in search of cute first and middle names for girls (and meanings). Hopefully, you’ll find some name combination inspiration for your own little one from my favorite girl name combinations!

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laughing toddler girl in white dress

Before we get started, I’m assuming if you’re looking for baby names you are probably an expecting mama.

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Adrielle Corinne

Adrielle – meaning ‘belonging to God’ or ‘flock of God’
Corinne – French name meaning ‘beautiful maiden’

Alanna Marie

Alanna – meaning ‘precious child’
Marie – varies depending on origin but most common meanings are ‘rebellion’ ‘wished-for child’

Alyssa Lucille

Alyssa – meaning ‘
Lucille – meaning ‘

Anjolie Camilla

Anjolie – meaning ‘angel’ or ‘messenger of god’
Camilla – meaning ‘noble’ ‘free born’ or ‘servant of the temple’

Aspen Paisley

Aspen – meaning ‘quaking tree’
Paisley – meaning ‘church , cemetary’ or ‘richly patterned Indian fabric’

Aster Genevieve

Aster – meaning ‘
Genevieve – meaning ‘

Audrey Brooke

Audrey – meaning ‘
Brooke – meaning ‘

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Becca Kallie

Becca – meaning ‘servant of God’
Kallie – meaning ‘fairest’ or ‘most beautiful’

Bella Riley

Bella – meaning ‘beautiful’
Riley – meaning ‘valiant’ or ‘courageous’

Bethany Carmella

Bethany – meaning ‘house of figs’ or ‘house of affliction’
Carmella – meaning ‘vineyard’ or ‘orchard’

Bonnie Faye

Bonnie – meaning ‘beautiful’ or ‘good’
Faye – meaning ‘fairy’, ‘trust’ or ‘belief’

Brandi Joline

Brandi – meaning ‘fiery beacon’
Joline – meaning ‘God increases’

Brenna Gwen

Brenna – meaning ‘descendent of the sad one’ or ‘beacon on the hill’
Gwen – meaning ‘white’ or ‘holy’


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Carlin Paige

Carlin – meaning ‘little champion’
Paige – meaning ‘young servant’- usually in refernce to a knight in training

Carly Janelle

Carly – meaning ‘free man’
Janelle – meaning ‘God is merciful

Clarissa Taylor

Clarissa – meaning ‘bright, clear, or famous’
Taylor – occupational name meaning ‘cutter of cloth’

Ciara Michelle

Ciara – meaning ‘dark’ ‘black’ or ‘dark haired’
Michelle – meaning ‘who is like God?’

Crissy Addison

Crissy – meaning ‘follower of Christ’
Addison – meaning ‘son of Adam’

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Daria Adele

Daria – meaning ‘kingly’ or ‘possess well’
Adele – meaning ‘nobility’ or ‘noble’

Daphne Quinn

Daphne – meaning ‘bay tree’ or ‘laurel tree’
Quinn – meaning ‘counsel’

Devina Shae

Devina – meaning ‘beloved’ ‘divine’ or ‘heavenly’
Shae – meaning ‘full of majesty’

Demi Rose

Demi – meaning ‘half’ or ‘small’
Rose – meaning ‘a flower-rose’



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Eden Kendall

Eden – meaning ‘place of pleasure’ or ‘delight’
Kendall – meaning ‘valley of the river Kent’

Elena Nicole

Elena – meaning ‘shining light’ or ‘bright one’
Nicole – meaning ‘victory of the people’

Elle Blakely

Elle – meaning ‘she’ in French
Blakely – meaning ‘dark wood’ or ‘clearing’

Erica Brielle

Erica – meaning ‘eternal ruler’ or ‘sole monarch’
Brielle – meaning ‘God is my strength’

Erin Claire

Erin – meaning ‘from the island to the west’- refering to Ireland
Claire – meaning ‘bright’ or ‘clear’


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Fallon Jade

Fallon – meaning ‘leader’
Jade – meaning ‘stone of the colic’- it was thought to cure babies with colic by placing the jade stone on a baby’s tummy

Felicity Dawn

Felicity – meaning ‘happiness’ ‘luck’ or ‘good fortune’
Dawn – meaning ‘aurora’ , ‘day break’ or ‘first light’

Finley Ava

Finley – meaning ‘white’ or ‘fair’
Ava – meaning ‘life’

Fiona Grace

Fiona – meaning ‘white’ or ‘fair’
Grace – meaning ‘eloquence or beauty of form, kindness, mercy, favor’



Gabriella Adelyn

Gabriella – meaning ‘God is my strength’
Adelyn – meaning ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’

Gloria Alexis

Gloria – meaning ‘praise to God’
Alexis- meaning ‘helper’ or ‘defender’

Giselle Soleil

Giselle – meaning ‘beautiful like the stars’ or ‘bright pledge’
Soleil – meaning ‘sun’ in French

Grethchen River

Gretchen – meaning ‘pearl’
River – meaning ‘stream of water that folows to the sea’

Gwyneth Peyton

Gwyneth – meaning ‘white, blessed’
Peyton – meaning ‘fighting man’s estate’

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Hannah Beth

Hannah – meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace’
Beth – meaning ‘oath of God’ or ‘God is satisfaction’

Hailey Sloane

Hailey – place name meaning ‘hay’s meadow’
Sloane – meaning ‘little raider’

Harper Everly

Harper – meaning ‘harp player’
Everly – place name meaning ‘boar meadow’

Heidi Marcella

Heidi – meaning ‘of noble birth’
Marcella – meaning ‘warlike’ ‘martial’ or ‘strong’



Irina Clarise

Irina – meaning ‘peace’
Clarise – meaning ‘fame

Isabelle Annalise

Isabelle – meaning ‘my God is bountiful’
Annalise – meaning ‘graced with God’s bounty’

Isla Jolene

Isla – meaning ‘island’
Jolene – meaning ‘God will increase’ or ‘beautiful’ in French

Ivy Rose

Ivy – meaning ‘faithfulnes’
Rose – meaning ‘flower-a rose’

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Jenna Rae

Jenna – meaning ‘white shadow’ or ‘white wave’
Rae – meaning ‘well advised protector’

Jordyn Elizabeth

Jordyn – meaning ‘to flow down’ or ‘descend’
Elizabeth – meaning ‘my God is abundance’

Josie Olivia

Josie – meaning ‘God is gracious’
Olivia – meaning ‘olive tree’

Julia Evangeline

Juliet – meaning ‘youthful’ or ‘Jove’s child’
Evangeline – meaning ‘bringer of good news’



Kaia Jane

Kaia – meaning ‘from the Earth’
Jane – meaning ‘God is gracious’

Kayla Joy

Kayla – meaning ‘laurel’ or ‘crown’
Joy – meaning ‘happiness’

Kiara Mackenzie

Kiara – meaning varies by origin – can be ‘bright’ ‘dark haired’ or ‘first ray of sun’
Mackenzie – meaning ‘born of fire’ or ‘comely’

Kylie Marie

Kylie – meaning ‘boomerang’
Marie – meaning ‘wished for child’ or ‘sea of sorrow’

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Laurel Jean

Laurel – meaning ‘laurel tree’
Jean – meaning ‘Lord is gracious’

Lilly Anne

Lilly – meaning ‘lilly flower’
Anne – meaning ‘grace’

Lola Flores

Lola – meaning ‘sorrows’
Flores – meaning ‘flower’

Lyric Ashlyn

Lyric – meaning ‘of the lyre’ or ‘words of a song’
Ashyln – place name meaning ‘meadow of ash trees’


Malia Morgan

Malia – meaing ‘calm or gentle waters’
Morgan – meaning ‘sea chief or defender of the sea’

Marissa Selene

Marissa – meaning ‘little Mary’ or ‘mermaid’
Selene – meaning ‘brightness’ or ‘moon’

Meghan Stella

Meghan – meaning ‘strong and capable’
Stella – meaning ‘star’

Mia Sadie

Mia – meaning ‘dear’ or ‘darling’
Sadie – meaning ‘princess’

Mya Evelyn

Mya – meaning ‘beloved’
Evelyn – meaning ‘wished for child’

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Nadine Tessa

Nadine – meaning ‘hope’
Tessa – meaning ‘to reap’ or ‘gather’

Naomi Korina

Naomi – meaing ‘pleasantness’
Korina – meaning ‘maiden’

Nina Liv

Nina – meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace’
Liv – meaing ‘life’

Nora Faith

Nora – meaning ‘light’
Faith – meaning ‘belief and devotion’

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Oaklyn Lacey

Oaklyn – meaning varies by origin but common ones are ‘oak lake’ or ‘strong little girl’
Lacey – can mean ‘playful’ or place name meaning ‘from Lassy’

Olivia Sutton

Olivia – meaning ‘olive tree’
Sutton – meaning ‘from the southern homestead’


Penelope Eva

Penelope – occupational name meaning ‘weaver’
Eva – meaning ‘living one’ or ‘life’

Pippa Charlotte

Pippa – meaning ‘lover of horses’
Charlotte – meaning ‘free man’ or ‘petite’

Portia Reign

Portia – meaning ‘pig, hog or doorway’
Reign – meaning ‘to rule’ – royalty names are very popular right now!


Rebekah Milan

Rebekah – meaning ‘captivating’
Milan – meaning ‘kind’

Reagan Katherine

Reagan – meaning ‘little ruler’
Katherine – meaning ‘pure’

Rory Kay

Rory – meaning ‘red king’
Kay – meaning ‘pure’ or ‘clear’

Robyn Simone

Robyn – meaning ‘famed’ ‘bright’ or ‘shining’
Simone – meaning ‘hearkening’

Rosalie Athena

Rosalie – meaning ‘rose’ – French origins
Athena – meaning ‘goddess of wisdom and war’

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Savannah Madison

Savannah – meaning ‘a treeless plain’
Maddison – meaning ‘son of Maud’
If you love this first name, I’ve got a whole list of middle names that go with Savannah!

Serena Esme

Serena – meaning ‘peaceful, tranquil, calm and clear’
Esme – meaning ‘beloved, esteemed and emerald’

Sophia Marina

Sophia – meaning ‘wisdom’
Marina – meaning ‘from the sea’

Sienna Kinsley

Sienna – meaning ‘to be old’
Kinsley – meaning ‘king’s meadow’

Sylvia Bexley

Slyvia – meaning ‘spirit of the wood’
Bexley – place name meaning ‘wood clearing’ or ‘meadow of box trees’


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Tess Christine

Tess – meaning ‘harvester’ or ‘to reap’
Christine – meaning ‘follower of Christ’

Theresa Blair

Theresa – meaning ‘to harvest’
Blair – meaning ‘dweller on the plain’

Tia Kaylin

Tia – meaning ‘goddess’ or ‘godly’
Kaylin – meaning ‘keeper of the keys’ or ‘pure’


Uma Skye

Uma – can mean ‘the nation’ or ‘tranquility’ ‘splendor’
Skye – meaning ‘adventurous’ or ‘protection and scholar’


Vanessa Caroline

Vanessa – meaning ‘butterfly’
Caroline – meaning ‘beautiful woman’

Veronica Carmen

Veronica – meaning ‘true or honest image’
Carmen – meaning ‘garden’

Victoria Kaitlin

Victoria – meaning ‘victory’
Kaitlin – meaning ‘pure’

Violet Ophelia

Violet – meaning ‘purple’
Ophelia – meaning ‘help’


Wendy June

Wendy – meaning ‘friend’ or ‘blessed ring’
June – meaning ‘young’

Wynnie Harlow

Wynnie – meaning ‘white’ or ‘fair
Harlow – place name meaning ‘ a rocky hill’


Yvette Luna

Yvette – meaning ‘archer’ yew’
Luna – meaning ‘the moon’


Zara Hope

Zara – meaning ‘seed’
Hope – meaning ‘fulfilment of a desire’

Zoey Chanel

Zoey – meaning ‘life’
Chanel – meaning ‘dweller near the canal’


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Tips For Choosing Girl’s First And Middle Name Combinations

When you’re choosing your baby girl’s first and middle name combination, there’s a few things to keep me mind to help you find just the right fit.

It can be so overwhelming picking a name. Just when you find the right one, then you have to find the perfect middle name that goes well together with the first name. Sometimes, this is even tougher than the first name!

I love the idea of a longer elegant girl name that has a cute nickname.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect first and middle name combination for girls.

Family Names – If you’re having trouble picking a middle name or worried you won’t love the name you picked later- consider using a family name. Some families pass down middle names. Or you can choose to honor a beloved family member. Some families all use the same letter for their middle names.

Say It Out Loud – sometimes a name sounds perfect in your head or even when you say the first and middle names alone but you may end up with a surprise when you say the full name out loud for the first time.

Amy Shumer’s little guy comes to mind here. She named her son Gene Attel Fischer but didn’t realize until later that Gene Attel actually sounds a lot like genital and ended up changing it later.

Say the name out loud a few times to get a feel for it and see if your girl’s first and middle names sound goo together.

Baby’s Initials – along the same lines, you’ll also want to think about baby’s initials when choosing a first and middle name for your girl. You could end up with an unfortunate combination initials like my old classmate Alison Sutton Smith. I love how the name flows but she got teased a lot about the initials.

Don’t Choose Two Names You LOVE – I know you’ll probably want to choose two names you equally adore but DON’T! If you have a second girl you may regret ‘wasting’ a perfect name on a middle name.

Think About Possible Nicknames – Your baby girl’s first and middle name combination could lead to an adorable nickname so keep that in mind as well. I always think about Arthur’s little sister D.W. (Dora Winifred) which I thought sounded super cute.

Consider Name Meanings – if you’re torn between a few favorite names, try looking up the meaning the names. You may love one meanning more than another. There are usually multiple meanings depending on origin so if you don’t love a meaning you can probably find an alternative.

I did that for quite a few names on the list.

cute baby girl standing on couch smiling

Baby Girl First And Middle Names That Sound Good Together

I hope you found a few favorite baby girl name combinatioins that sound good together!

Choosing a baby name is such a personal thing. It’s something special between you and your partner. I suggest holding off on sharing your choice until it’s time to annouce your little one’s arrival.

Hearing negative feedback about your choice before baby is born can easily get you questioning your choices and send you back to the drawing board.

Instead, write down a few you love and keep adding to the list. Keep revisitng your list throughout your pregnancy, saying the name out loud as you talk to your little one.

Get a feel for what names just seem to stick and which ones you aren’t sure about any more.

Eventually, the right name will become clear.



Saturday 1st of October 2022

What middle name would you use with Maeve? Last name is Anderson. Thanks

Cendu Param

Monday 3rd of October 2022

What a cute name! Let's think up some middle names for Maeve shall we. I kinda like the double M and was thinking Maeve Munroe Anderson. What do you think?

here's a couple more:

Maeve Audrina Maeve Sutton Maeve Margot Maeve Everleigh

Matthew Justin

Sunday 28th of March 2021

Most of these are really cute. Great post.


Thursday 22nd of October 2020

Hi looking for middle names that will pair well with Victoria & Ava. Any suggestions? Something classic or vintage even.

Cendu Param

Thursday 22nd of October 2020

You're in luck! I actually just finished up my vintage girl name post. Hopefully, you'll find something there you love:

I do love the classic Ava Rose though.


Thursday 24th of September 2020

I love your list of baby girl names! It's very helpful. My daughter is due on Feburary 10th with her 1st baby. (We find out the gender tomorrow, 🥳 I think it's a girl.) Now the funny thing is her older brother (by 10 yrs) & his wife are due on November 14th with their 1st which her 1st name is Violet but they won't share her middle name yet. So I'm going to share your adorable list with both of our kids. Thanks for the extremely interesting tips as well very, very true! God Bless you and your loved ones and please stay safe in this difficult & trying time that we are living in!

Cendu Param

Thursday 24th of September 2020

Hi Kim!

I'm so happy you found it useful :) Congratulations on being promoted to grandma! How exciting! I wish them both a safe delivery and I hope they find these lists useful too! I would love to hear what names they land on! I hope you'll be back with an update for me :D

Amandalee Jones

Thursday 24th of September 2020

I love these name combos! Really unique and pretty names.