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St. Patrick’s Day Would You Rather FREE Printable

FREE Printable St. Patrick’s Day Would You Rather Questions

Calling all shamrock-sportin’ teachers and leprechaun-lovin’ parents! St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and it’s time to inject some emerald green fun into your classroom or home celebrations.

But let’s be honest, traditional games can get repetitive. This year, ditch the tired routine and shake things up with a “Would You Rather” or “This or That” twist!

This interactive format is perfect for all ages, sparks lively discussions, and gets your little leprechauns giggling and guessing.

So, grab your green glasses, gather your lucky charms, and let’s get this St. Paddy’s party started!

St. Patrick's Day This or That Game Worksheets on green background

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Printing Your St. Patrick’s Day This or That Game

St. patrick's day Would You  Rather Printable game on wooden background

Printing and using the St. Patrick’s Day This or That Game is super easy. There’s a download pdf button under the printable.

Just click the button and the printable pdf file will open in a separate window ready to print.

From there, just click the printer icon in the top right corner and that should do it (or you can choose to download the file to your computer first)!

If you’re having issues you can leave me a message in the comments and I’ll try my best to help.

Please note these printables are for personal use so that means you can use them in your classroom or at home with your kids but they aren’t to be sold.

You’ll need to have a PDF viewer installed to view/print. If you don’t have one already you can get it free from Adobe Reader.

St. Patrick’s Day Would You Rather Questions/ This or That Questions

St. Patrick's Day This or That Game printable on green wood background

Here’s a list of fun St. Patrick’s Day related this or that/ Would you rather questions you can use at home or in the classroom.

You can print them on small pieces of paper, put them in a hat and have kids draw a question. Take turns answering and comparing.

Or break up into small groups and grab a worksheet instead. Then have your kiddos compare answers.

  1. Sweet Treats: Rainbow cake or pot o’ gold cookies?
  2. Leprechaun Loot: Gold coins or four-leaf clovers?
  3. Lucky Charms Hunt: Green marshmallows or Lucky Charms cereal?
  4. Dress Up Day: Leprechaun hat or green face paint?
  5. Rainbow Fun: Make a paper rainbow or chase a rainbow in the sky?
  6. Jig Time: Irish jig or Irish step dance?
  7. Leprechaun Language: Learn “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” in Irish or sing “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”?
  8. Book Bonanza: Read about St. Patrick or a leprechaun legend?
  9. Pot of Gold Craft: Paint a pot of gold or make rainbow playdough?
  10. Green Grub: Green pasta or green pancakes?
  11. Music Magic: Play Irish music or create your own St. Patrick’s Day song?
  12. Leprechaun Trap: Build a trap with glitter or use rainbow ribbons?
  13. Creative Corner: Draw a leprechaun or design a shamrock necklace?
  14. Story Time: Make up a leprechaun adventure or act out a St. Patrick’s Day skit?
  15. Shamrocks: Find a real four-leaf clover or make your own with construction paper?
  16. Treasure Hunt: Find a pot of gold or catch a leprechaun?
  17. Fashion Fun: Wear green forever or wear a leprechaun hat forever?
  18. Dance the Irish jig or speak Gaelic?
  19. Eat only green foods or drink only green juice?
  20. Chocolate coins or shamrock shakes?
  21. Four-leaf clovers or horseshoes for luck?
  22. Have the ability to turn things to gold or have good luck forever?
  23. Eat potatoes every day or eat Lucky Charms every day?
  24. Travel to Ireland or move to Ireland?
  25. Be lucky or be magical?
  26. Find $500 or find a gold coin?
  27. Chase rainbows or chase leprechauns?
  28. St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day?
  29. Talk in limericks forever or speak in Gaelic forever?
  30. Be granted 1 wish or give away 3 wishes to 3 friends
  31. Have red hair or green skin?
  32. Live with a leprechaun or live with the Easter bunny
  33. Go to an Irish Riverdance show or go to poetry reading with limericks only
  34. Be pinched for not wearing green or pinch people for not wearing green?
  35. Never celebrate St. Patrick’s Day again or celebrate it once a month forever

Remember, there are no wrong answers!

The key is to have fun and celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. Encourage your kids to share their reasons for their choices and create a lively discussion about Irish culture and traditions.

Pro Tip: Print out these questions on green paper and cut them into strips. Draw a question from a hat or bowl and let the St. Patrick’s Day “This or That” fun begin!

Embrace the green, celebrate the joy, and make this St. Patrick’s Day one your little leprechauns will remember!

St. Patrick's Day Would You Rather Worksheet printable

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Wrapping Up St. Patrick’s Day Would You Rather Game

Alright Leprechaun hunters, I hope you enjoyed this festive St. Patrick’s Day printable! It’s a wonderful way to add some sparkly green fun and lively discussion to your next St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

It’s perfect for kids of all ages and even adults can play too.

If you’re looking for even more fun St. Patrick’s Day activities to do with kids, be sure to check out some of the other posts that are linked above.