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Mom and Son Bonding Ideas for Your Bucket List


There is something oh so special about the bond between mother and son. It’s so important to strengthen the mother-son bond because raising boys is tough work! Having regular bonding activities is a great way to strengthen the mother and son bond! I’ve got the ultimate bucket list of the most fun mom and son dates you’ll both love! I’ve got mom and son bonding activities for all ages from toddlers all the way to bonding ideas for your teenage son.

This mom and son connection is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in my life. Which is actually pretty funny because I never ever thought I’d want to be a boy mom.

Boys weren’t something I really understood, given that I’ve only got sisters. So naturally, I wanted a girl but life doesn’t always give you want you want.

However, it usually does have a way of giving you exactly what you need. I had no idea how much I needed this little boy in my life.

Now, I’m looking forward to building a strong foundation to nurture that mom and son connection. I love the idea of special mom and son traditions to bond over.

I can’t wait to do more and more mom and son bonding activities together as he gets older since he’s just a toddler now. Thinking about all the adventures to come, I wanted to make a sort of mom and son bucket list, if you will.

Even if I have more kids one day, I think it’s important to spend one-on-one time with each child. Memorable mom and kid dates that are just for them.

These special mom and son dates will stay with them forever and us too. These activities help moms to learn what things their kids love and build a bond with shared interests.

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Why Should You Go on Mom and Son Dates?

Intentional Parenting

I think this special one-on-one time is so important because it makes you actively engage with your child. No distractions. When you plan these special dates, it makes you more intentional in your parenting.

We often get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and so we often don’t realize that we aren’t mentally always there with our kids.

We may be sitting right next to them but our mind is on the million other things that need to get done. Having these special dates makes me focus on nothing else but getting to know my kid and spending quality time together.

Excitement and Anticipation

It gives both of us something special to look forward to. Planning and setting a special date tells your child how much we value spending time with them and listening to their thoughts. It will be something you both look forward to and count down til.

It Helps to Foster an Everlasting Bond Between Mother and Son

As I mentioned earlier, this is a time where you both learn more about each other and bond over mutual goals or interests.

There’s a reason companies use team-building outings to facilitate teamwork. It’s because you can’t help but bond.

It puts you in a different environment than the usually adult-child dynamic where you are the authority and they just have to listen. It’s far less formal and lets your child open up. It’s a nice feeling to be a fun mom once in a while instead of the disciplinarian all the time.

You want to build this strong bond so you can raise your wild to be a gentleman one day. It’s easier to do when your child looks to you as his guide and role model.

Outdoor Mother and Son Activities

We’ll start with some awesome outdoor mom and son activities to get you both active and having fun. I find boys are full of energy and definitely need an active outlet to burn it. Why not jump in and get active too.

If you’re not super-duper into getting sweaty I’ve also included outdoor outings that don’t require you to break a sweat.

mom holding up toddler son on date to Springridge Farm

Physically Active Outdoor Activities for Mom and Son

♡ Take a hike together and explore nature

♡ Go for a swim at the pool or beach

♡ Play bubble soccer together

♡ Try archery tag together

♡ Have a laser tag team battle

♡ Go mini-golfing

♡ Wash the car together

♡ Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt

♡ Play catch

♡ Take a bike ride

♡ Go canoeing or kayaking

♡ Play tag at the playground

♡ Take a fishing trip

♡ Fly a kite

♡ Go bowling

♡ Play one-one-one basketball or 21 (click here for rules if you don’t know how to play

♡ Go roller skating or rollerblading

♡ Do an obstacle course together

♡ Go on a camping trip

♡ Try skateboarding

♡ Go to the batting cages

Outdoor Date Ideas for Mom and Son Dates

mom and toddler son bonding at restaurant date

♡ Go on an ice cream date

♡ See a movie together

♡ Visit the zoo

♡ Race go-karts at the track

♡ Visit the farmer’s market

♡ Take a trip to the aquarium

♡ See a drive-in movie together

♡ See a baseball game

♡ See a basketball game and cheer on your favorite team

♡ Go apple picking or fruit picking

♡ Take a beach trip and build a sandcastle

♡ Go on a pizza date

♡ Have a picnic at the park

♡ See a play or show together

♡ Make outdoor chalk art on the sidewalk

♡ Have a water balloon fight (we love these self-sealing ones)

♡ Plant a garden together

♡ Play at an arcade

♡ Visit an escape room

♡ Visit an amusement park

♡ Go horseback riding or take riding lessons together

♡ Visit the farm

♡ Go to a museum

♡ Go to the library and attend a drop in program

♡ Feed ducks at your local pond

♡ Attend a yoga class

♡ Visit a play place or kids center

Indoor Mom and Son Bonding Ideas

Not all mom and son dates require getting outside. I know it can be difficult to get everyone organized and plan days out together. It’s great to have some special mom and son traditions to do at home too.

You can take on some fun mom and son projects that you work on over time at home. When you and your child work together on a common goal you can’t help but grow closer.

♡ Work on a big puzzle together

♡ Build a pillow/blanket fort

♡ Dress up as super heroes

♡ Have a pillow fight

♡ Make a special meal together

♡ Read a novel together (you have to do all the voices of the characters too!)

♡ Watch a movie together

♡ Have a puppet show

♡ Write your own silly story together

♡ Play dress up

♡ Camp out in the backyard or living room

♡ Have a dance party at home

♡ Learn to make origami

♡ Make a Lego model of something cool

♡ Play board games

♡ Make Play-doh sculptures

♡ Make slime together

♡ Try a science experiment

♡ Play hide-and-seek

♡ Play video games together

♡ Bake and decorate cookies, cake or another sweet treat

♡ Play card games like Go Fish or matching cards

♡ Play trivia games together

♡ Play “21 questions” or “would you rather”

♡ Play ” I Spy”

♡ Draw pictures

♡ Try an easy craft for kids like my fall tree painting sensory craft

♡ Play tic-tac-toe, hang man or other word games

♡ Do a word search or crossword puzzle together

Mom and Toddler Son Bucket List

mom and son on tractor ride

If, like me, you have a toddler, not all of the above activities will be applicable. Here are some of my favorite mom and toddler activities I’ve done with my baby boy.

I love our mom and toddler dates and I really think my toddler does too.

I feel like each toddler date is a unique chance to get to know him better and our mommy and me dates always have him smiling from ear to ear.

♡ Build a block tower then knock it down

♡ Make finger painting art

♡ Go for a stroll , look at and talk about all the sights and sounds of nature

♡ Play a counting game

♡ Sing your favorite songs and dance together

♡ Do a jig-saw puzzle together

♡ Practice singing the ABCs

♡ “Draw” a picture (scribble,draw, whatever you want to call it)

♡ Read a story

♡ Play cars

♡ Play with puppets

♡ Have a game of peek-a-boo

♡ Play chase or tickle monster

♡ Take a trip to your local farm

♡ Take a trip to the beach

♡ Visit the zoo

♡ Visit a petting-zoo

♡ Go to the library

♡ Make and play with a sensory bin

♡ Visit the playground and swing on the swings

♡ Blow, chase and pop bubbles

♡ Learn to ride your first tricycle

♡ Play sorting activity games

♡ Make a mess together

♡ Have some rough and tumble play in bed

♡ Jump on the bed

♡ Take cuddly naps together

♡ Have a mommy and son photo shoot

♡ Play with balloons

♡ Visit a splash pad

♡ Take a road trip

♡ People watch together

♡ Blow raspberries on your toddles tummy and watch them squeal with delight

♡ Play with Playdoh

Fun Things To Do With Your Teenage Son: Mom And Teenage Son Bonding Ideas

If you’re the mom of a teenage boy, bonding can be tough. It’s that age where they want their privacy and freedom. They really just want to hang out in their rooms or with their friends.

You’re probably scratching your head asking yourself: how can I bond with my teenage son? How do I connect with my 16 year old son?

They’re a whole other species!

I’ve decided I’m not taking no for an answer LOL (I’ll let you know how that turns out in 15 years or so). We are going to MAKE this a part of our regular routine. But it’s never too late to start! So don’t be discouraged.

Here are some fun activities to do with your teenage son to strengthen your mom and son bond. Getting involved and showing interest in their interests will be key, hopefully you’ll see something here that sparks a great idea.

Go see a movie together (maybe let him choose the first time if you want their to be a 2nd LOL)

♡ Go for a bike ride

♡ Go rollerblading together

♡ Take a hike

♡ Play laser tag

♡ Ask him to teach you how to play his favorite video game (if that really isn’t your thing you can watch him play and cheer him on)

♡ Go to a sports game together (there’s nothing quite like the excitement in a basketball or baseball area)

♡ Go to an amusement park and ride ALL the CRAZY roller coasters

♡ Play fun card games together like president

♡ Binge watch a Netflix series together (don’t forget popcorn and all the fixings)

♡ Plan and take a fun road trip

♡ Travel to a new place and explore

♡ Enter and train for a marathon together

♡ Go go karting

♡ Play Foosball

♡ Play air hockey

♡ Go to kareoke

♡ Have some fun at the batting cages

♡ Play mini golf

♡ Plan a monthly dinner date out

♡ Play paintball in teams together

♡ Play archery tag

♡ Play darts

♡ Go to a hammer throwing event

♡ Play bubble soccer

♡ Visit an art gallery or museum

♡ Take a cooking class together

♡ Go to a paint night class

♡ Try an escape room quest

♡ Take a beach trip and rent ski dos

♡ Go rock climbing

♡ Go surfing

♡ Visit a local fair or carnival (food truck festivals are EPIC)

♡ Volunteer together

♡ Play badminton or table tennis

♡ Go bowling

♡ Go boating or kayaking

♡ Go camping or cottaging

♡ Visit some favorite childhood spots

♡ Play games together at an adult arcade like Dave and Busters

♡ Play adult board games like Cards Against Humanity , What Do You Meme or Telestrations

So Many Things To Do With Kids

I hope you found a few fun ideas for your mom and son bucket list whether you have a toddler, a tween or a teenage son. These mom and son dates will be what you look back on and remember as they grow older.

I hope these special activities help you build the foundation for open communication with your child because raising well adjusted boys is no small feat.

There’s so many things to do with your son, get started on making memories together ASAP! I would love to hear your favorites and if you have any that I forgot, I’d love to hear those too!

Leave me a comment below 🙂

mom and son bonding on a date



Friday 3rd of December 2021

Thank you for the important reminder in my life ! I have 2 boys you think working with both is the same bonding or separate is better? And thank you again!


Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

Im not even a parent and think this is great!

Cendu Param

Wednesday 24th of March 2021

thanks so much Lexi! you made my day :)


Thursday 25th of February 2021

I have 2 boys who are 6&7 and I am dying to find a way to spend more time with them individually. Mine are so close in age and they are constantly butting heads and fighting for my attention so it is so important that I find ways to reconnect & reinforce the bonds we share with one another. i cant wait to do these with my boys!! Thank u for sharing with us!!

Cendu Param

Thursday 25th of February 2021

I totally agree! You need that one on one time every once in a while so each of the boys gets their special time with mama. I'm so glad you found some ideas to try! I hope you all have the best time!


Friday 16th of October 2020

My oldest son is now a Sophomore and has always been very involved in sports. As a child, I had no problem getting personal time and dates with him but it seems that now he is so busy and if you’re not coaching him on a sport then there’s not much he wants to do with mom now! 🥴. I really think a few of these are going to be perfect for a one on one with him! I’m so excited! Thanks!


Sunday 19th of July 2020

One cheap date I did with my toddler while pregnant with my second was to share a McDonald’s pancake and sausage breakfast then have ice cream for dessert. It was the best I’d seen him eat with utensils when other distractions were removed and including putting my phone away. Daddy got to sleep in that morning so everyone was happy.