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How to Make Your Pores Disappear

I don’t know about you but one of my biggest skin issues are gigantic pores. I’m pretty sure this was hereditary because my mom and sisters have it too. Now, when I first started dabbling in make-up I wasn’t too sure what I was doing. Not knowing what products to use or how to use them resulted in make-up application that highlighted rather than covered my pores. Over time, I’ve tried a lot of different products, combinations, tips and tricks and I’m gonna show you exactly what products worked for me and how to achieve the same results.

First let’s talk about what products you’ll need. You don’t have to have the exact same brands that I’m using as long as they’re intended to work the same way. In case you’re wondering what exact products I use I’ll list them beside the necessary products as well.


  1. Face wash (Laneige Multi Cleanser)
  2. Moisturizer (Laneige Bright Renew Cream)
  3. Pore minimizing primer (Benefit Pore-fessional)
  4. Foundation (Armani Luminous Silk)
  5. Concealer (Nars Creamy Concealer)
  6. Setting Powder (Ben Nye Banana Powder)
  7. Beauty Blender/Make-up Sponge
  1. My first step before make-up is to always start by washing my face with a gentle cleanser and patting my skin dry (don’t rub).
  2. Next step is to follow up with your favourite moisturizer. Make up looks best on great skin. So taking care of our skin is always top priority.
  3. Squeeze a little bit of your primer onto your finger then apply it directly on your pores in small circular motions. Wait a few minutes to let the product really settle in.
  4. Apply your foundation as you normally would.
  5. Next apply your concealer right on those pores and I prefer to use a beauty blender to blend it out. You want to use a push and roll motion to get the product to settle nicely on the skin.

6. Next get a little bit of the translucent powder on your clean finger then rub in small circles where your pores are and voila! Bye-bye pores! (At least until you wash your face…sigh).