Niagara Falls with Baby and Toddler


Planning a family vacation to Niagara Falls with your baby or toddler? Check out all the things to do in Niagara Falls Canada with a baby as well as tips to make your toddler or baby’s trip perfect. Along with tons of hacks to save you money on your trip to Niagara Falls.

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Non Toy Toddler Gift Guide: Presents That Aren’t Toys

gifts for toddlers that aren't toys

Find the perfect holiday or Christmas gift for your toddler that aren’t just toys. Too many toys go unused and quickly forgotten. Check out these alternatives to toys that kids love! The best non toy gifts for kids.

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Easy Ribbon Star DIY Tree Ornament Craft for Kids

easy star ornament craft for kids

It’s almost time for the holiday season! Yay! I can’t wait for all the twinkly lights, holiday decor and tree trimming to start. The snow, however, that can wait. One […]

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Easy Snowflake Ornament Craft for Kids

pipecleaner snowflake ornament

Try this easy holiday craft with your kids! This fun Christmas craft uses pipe cleaners to make snowflake ornaments you can hang on your tree, give as a diy gift or use as holiday decor.

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How to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Without a Party: Birthday Party Alternatives

birthday boy eating birthday cake

Are you so over the extravagant birthday party trend? Me too! Read why we don’t do birthday parties and what we do instead of a birthday party? Awesome birthday traditions and birthday party alternatives to make your child feel super special. + free printable birthday interview

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child running through sprinklers on a summer day

Schools out! How do you keep kids busy without a screen? Easy, with this ultimate printable summer bucket list for kids. Over 100 things to do this summer from: summer crafts for kids, summer activities for kids and more

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10 Ways To Make Easter Memorable For Kids (Even If You’re Stuck At HOME!)

colorful Easter Eggs

Looking for fun ways to celebrate Easter with the kids? Here’s our list of the top 10 things you can do with you kids this Easter!

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