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Would Dad Rather Game Printable

Father’s Day Fun Games For Your Next Party

Whether you need to add some excitement to dad’s birthday or Father’s Day celebration, I’ve got just the thing to sprinkle some laughter and excitement into your next celebration for dad!

If you’re looking for games to play on Father’s Day, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the world of “Would Dad Rather” printable game!

This hilarious game is all about showing how well you know the amazing father figures in your life – and maybe even learning a little something about yourself in the process.

It’s perfect for Father’s Day, birthday parties, or just because.

It’s something unique and different that’s guaranteed to be fun for everyone.

Let’s dive into why this game is a guaranteed giggle-fest!

fun and cute Father's Day party game printable

Why “Would Dad Rather” Rocks!

There are so many reasons I love this game. It’s traditionally used as a baby shower game but I’ve adapted it here to use for any day celebrating dad, like his birthday or Father’s Day. It’s the perfect addition to any Father’s Day party games.

Whether you’re a parent looking for a new way to bond with your kids or a teacher searching for a fun activity to do in the classroom, would dad rather printables are the perfect choice.

This game not only provides endless entertainment, but it also encourages critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills in children.

Plus, it’s a fantastic way to get to know each other better and share some laughs along the way.

  • It’s Personal: Unlike generic party games, “Would Dad Rather” taps into the unique quirks and personalities of dads. Think “Would Dad Rather spend a day cleaning up spilled cheerios or explaining the mysteries of poop to a toddler for the 100th time?” Laughter guaranteed! You can create any silly questions you want!
  • Easy to Play: There’s no fancy setup involved. Just print out our “Would Dad Rather” printable, grab some pens, and get ready to play!
  • Flexible Fun: This game can be played with any number of people, making it perfect for small gatherings or a full-on classroom party
  • Adaptable Awesomeness: Want to personalize it further? Create your own questions based on the dads you’re playing with. Inside jokes? Throw them in! Obsession with football? Make a question about it! This game is a great Father’s Day game for adults or kids.

How Do You Play “Would Dad Rather?”

You might remember this game from your own childhood.

Kids ask each other silly questions with 2 crazy extremes and you have to choose which you would rather do. For example, would you rather eat worms or shave off all your hair?

This kind of game is often played at baby showers and other parties as well.

It’s a great way to get to know more about the guest of honor.

In this case, you have dad fill out the questionnaire and then everybody else tries to match his answers. Whoever has the most matching answers is the winner.

You can even have your kiddos make up crazy questions to add to the mix.

mock up of hands holding would you rather dad edition printable game

Would You Rather Questions For Dad

You can grab my Would Dad Rather Printable, or you can make your own custom version.

Brainstorm fun and silly questions you would like to include.

Here are few ideas to get you started:

Would Mom Rather

  • Step on legos or step in pee
  • Never drink beer again or never drink coffee again
  • Clean up a poopy explosion diaper or clean up puke
  • Have breakfast in bed or go to a fancy brunch
  • clean up paint or clean up glitter
  • a lifetime supply of coffee or uninterrupted sleep
  • hire a chef or hire a nanny
  • never do laundry again or never do dishes again
  • go golfing or watch sports
  • Let your toddler cut your hair or cut their own hair
  • Receive a handmade gift or a store-bought gift
  • Play a board game or play a card game
  • Watch Peppa big for 24 hours or sing the ABC’s 1000 times
  • take an international flight with a colicky baby or dine out with a picky toddler having a meltdown
  • be your child’s human napkin or catch their vomit in your hands
  • be able to read minds or be invisible whenever you want
  • have endless patience or super strength
  • have a baby that wakes up several times a night or wakes up at 5am every morning
  • clean crayon art off your walls or fetch car keys out of the toilet
  • homeschool your kids or never drink coffee again
  • deal with a sugar-high kid or take a toddler grocery shopping
  • get toddler hugs and kisses every day or have a teenager that actually talks to you
  • go camping or go to the cottage
  • early bird or night owl

How To Print Your Would Dad Rather Game Printable

Accessing and printing your purchase is easy.

After you purchase your Would He Rather Father’s Day Game, you’ll be given instant access to download your file via a link.

When you click the link for the Would Dad Rather Questions , you’ll be taken to a checkout page.

Simply download and print!

If your file doesn’t open automatically, its probably because you don’t have a PDF reader installed on your computer and you’ll need this to access your files.

Don’t worry, there’s an easy fix, and it’s free.

Head over to Adobe Reader download and install the program and you should be all set.

All 4 pages of the printable are included in 1 PDF file.

Simply select the page you want to print in your printer settings before printing.

What’s Included in Would You Rather Dad Edition

shows different print sizes avaliable for fathers day games. full page or 2 per page

You’ll get access to the following files with your purchase:

  • Would Dad Rather Full Size Game Sheet – Color – 8.5′ x 11′
  • Would Dad Rather Full Size Game Sheet – Black & White – 8.5′ x 11
  • Would Dad Rather 2 Per Page Game Sheet – Color – 11′ x 8.5′
  • Would Dad Rather 2 Per Page Game Sheet – Black & White – 11′ x 8.5′
printable pdf father's day game would dad rather
printable father's day party games would you rather dad edition in black and white

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fun father's day game would you rather dad edition printable on blue background

Wrapping Up Father’s Day Would You Rather Game

So, there you have it, folks—your ultimate guide to hosting an epic “Would Dad Rather” printable game extravaganza!

Whether you’re looking to add a little extra fun to your Father’s Day celebration or want to add something special to your dad’s birthday, you can’t go wrong with some fun printable games that center on the most special lady in your life.

If you need more FAther’s Day game ideas then check out some of the posts listed above.

Now, go forth and unleash the fun!

Happy gaming, my fellow superheroes!

And remember, when in doubt, just ask yourself: “What would dad rather?”