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Father’s Day Handprint Crafts

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to get those creative gears turning. Forget about store-bought gifts this year; let’s dive into something special and sentimental.

And what could be more heartwarming than adorable Father’s Day handprint crafts?

Picture this: Dad’s face lighting up as he receives a gift imprinted with the tiny, colorful handprints of his beloved little ones.

It’s a memory in the making, and you’re the architect! So, grab your paintbrushes, and let’s embark on a journey of crafting delight.

To make the process easy peasy, I even made these super cute Father’s Day handprint craft templates so all you need to do is print and add adorable little handprints.

collage of Father's Day handprint craft ideas

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Why Father’s Day Handprint Crafts Tick All the Boxes!

Handprint crafts aren’t just about creating something cute; they’re about capturing a moment in time. Each handprint tells a story—a tale of growth, love, and cherished memories.

ere’s what makes handprint crafts the perfect Father’s Day pick:

  • Easy-peasy on the creativity meter: No artistic skills required! Even the littlest ones (like babies) can participate, making it a truly inclusive activity
  • Keepsake magic: These crafts are more than just a gift; they’re a precious reminder of how small those little hands once were
  • Budget-friendly fun: Who needs fancy materials when you’ve got paint, paper, and the cutest handprints ever?
  • Memorable bonding time: Get ready for some giggles and messy fun as you create these adorable keepsakes together

What Supplies Do You Need For Father’s Day Handprint Art?

One of my favorite things about handprint crafts is that they don’t require a lot of materials or prep work and they keep little ones engaged in fun and messy sensory play.

I’ve created this Father’s Day Handprint Craft Template Bundle to make it super easy and quick to re-create these crafts with very little prep work.

Although if you’re the artistic type or just love crafting, you can probably draw your own templates using these examples as inspiration.

If that doesn’t sound like you, no worries, just grab the templates and get crafting the easy way.

The bundle includes 14 templates so you can reuse them year after year and create new crafts!

To create your special DIY gift for dad, all you’ll really need is  US Letter size paper (8.5\ x 11′) to print your templates.

Personally, I really like using cardstock paper for crafts that involve paint because its thick and sturdy and holds up well to wet paint.

It doesn’t get too damp and wet with our toddlers who use too much paint and soak those thin papers through.

You’ll also need some non-toxic washable paint and either a paintbrush (so you can paint your little one’s hand before they add their print) or pour some paint onto a paper plate and let the stick their hands right in.

If you want to incorporate more learning into this activity you can even try some color mixing with your little one.

If you want a less messy option than paint, you could also try large ink pads.

PRO TIP: To make cleaning up easier, make sure to cover your crafting table/area with some newspaper or a plastic tablecloth that you can just toss when you’re done.

And don’t forget to have some paper towels ready so you’re little one doesn’t decide to clean up by wiping their hands on their shirt (true story).

Handprint Ideas for Every Dad

I’ve created a bunch of different Father’s Day handprint craft templates to make the process super easy. Below you’ll see exactly what’s included in my template bundle.

You can grab mine or take inspiration from this post and make your own.

If you purchase mine, you’ll get instant access to download all 14 templates as a pdf file and I’ve also included a folder with all the mock-up images you see here in case you forget how its supposed to look, you have some reference pictures.

The best part is that there’s a mix of templates and not all of them say dad so you can even use these for grandpa’s Father’s Day gift too!

1. Spaceship Handprint For Dad

cute father's day handprint craft of rocket ship that reads I love you to the moon and back

This first Father’s Day handprint craft is a classic one.

It’s the I love you to the moon and back handprint. this one is space-themed and features a watercolor rocket ship in space surrounded by stars.

Your little one can add a handprint or footprint to the back like a fire blast.

2. Handy Dad Tools Handprint Craft

cute construction and tools related Father's Day handprint craft

This next handprint craft is perfect for the handy dad. If he loves his tool box and fixing things, then he’s sure to love this adorable set of handprints on either side of a measuring tape.

It reads: I love you beyond measure! Happy Father’s Day.

Since this one doesn’t specifically say dad, you can use this template for any of the special guys in your little one’s life, like grandparents.

3. Dinosaur Dad Handprint Craft

cute dinosaur handprint craft for Father's Day

My little man is obsessed with dinosaurs so naturally, I had to include a dinosaur-themed template in here.

This one reads, for my dino-mite daddysaurus! There’s also a space for you child to sign their name on their completed artwork.

Your little one’s handprint will make up the lower half body of the dinosaur.

4. Fishing Father’s Day Handprint Art

cute fishing themed Father's Day handprint craft idea

If dad’s a guy who loves some peace, quiet and fishing, then he’ll adore this adorable fishing themed handprint craft.

The text on this one reads: for a reel cool dad. The image features a fishing rode and a simple happy face.

Your little one’s handprint will make up the fish for this craft.

5. Couldn’t Wish For a Better Dad Handprint Craft

cute father's day handprint craft template to print

This is such a cute one! I think it’s one of my favorites.

This one isn’t a handprint but fingerprints instead. Adorable little fingerprints are meant to be added to each of these seeds on the flower.

Do you remember making wishes on those dandelion fluffs as a kid?

That’s what this fingerprint craft was inspired by.

It reads I couldn’t have wished for a better dad. Cue the waterworks.

6. Video Game Dad Handprint Art

cute video game handprint craft for father's day

If you’ve got a gamer dad, then this is the handprint or footprint craft for you!

You can use handprints or small footprints for this one. It’s perfect for little baby feet.

Your little one’s hands or feet will make up the sides of the controller here.

This sweet and simple craft is perfect for Father’s Day or a sweet birthday present too since it doesn’t specifically say Father’s Day, it just says I heart dad.

7. Best Dad Trophy Handprint Craft

easy father's day handprint craft. best dad ever trophy

Here’s another classic Father’s Day handprint art idea!

It’s the best dad trophy of course.

Every dad needs one of these and you can even put your finished masterpiece inside a frame so dad can hang it up proudly.

It’s the perfect addition to any dad’s office.

8. Donut Fingerprint Craft

cute donut handprint craft for father's day

Here’s one for the foodie dad or the dad who’s got a sweet tooth.

It reads I donut know anyone as amazing as my dad.

Your little one will add sprinkles to this yummy donut with their adorable little fingerprints. I think using lots of fun colors will make this fingerprinting craft really pop.

9. Daddy Handprint Craft

cute handprint craft for father's day

Here’s a sweet and simple Father’s Day handprint craft that’s so impactful!

I love the minimalistic design of this one, it spellys out daddy and leaves a space for the handprint where the letter A would have been.

Underneath it says a father is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.

This is another perfect one to frame and hang up. It’s such a sweet keepsake.

10. Hands Down Best Dad

hands down best dad handprint craft

How cute is this Hands Down Best Dad handprint?

It’s sweet and simple and oh so cute.

Your little one can add handprints of any color they choose.

Just make sure the hands face down like in the picture.

11. You Are My Sunshine Handprint

you are my sunshine handprint craft

This cute you are my sunshine handprint craft is so sweet!

Your kiddo can add a cute handprint sun right in the middle.

12. You Are My World Handprint Art

you are my world father's day handprint art

This cute template has a picture of the Earth and the caption to the world you may be one person but to me, you are the world.

This is another one that can be used for dad, grandpa, an uncle, or whoever you like.

I prefer white handprints for this one because it shows up well but you can choose whatever you like.

13. To The Moon and Back Handprint

I love you to the moon and back handprint craft

Here’s a second version of the I love you to the moon and back handprint craft. In this version, your little one’s hands will be the oo’s in moon.

This is another blank one that you can use for any special person in your child’s life.

The first one specifically said dad so I included a second more generic one.

14. XOXO Handprint Craft

xoxo handprint craft

Our last handprint craft is another simple and classic one.

It’s a sweet XOXO handprint where we leave one O spot open to add a tiny handprint of any color you like.

This is another versatile one you can share with family and friends.

It makes for a great gift, especially in a cute frame.

Grab your Father’s Day handprint templates and get started!

mock up of easy Father's day handprint crafts for kids to make

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Wrapping It Up

As Father’s Day approaches, take the opportunity to create heartfelt handprint crafts that Dad will treasure forever.

Whether it’s a handmade card or a personalized apron, these crafts are sure to warm his heart and bring a smile to his face. So, roll up your sleeves, gather your supplies, and let the crafting magic begin!

Now, over to you!

Which handprint craft will you be trying out this Father’s Day?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Happy crafting!